“Chief, you were demoted as assistant manager”…The ‘No Manager’ who thought he would leave the company survived

Rush & Cash (Afro Financial Loan)바카라사이트, the number one company in the loan industry, is about to completely withdraw from its business at the end of this year. All assets, including bonds, will be transferred to OK Savings Bank. As a result, OK Financial Group will return even the last loan license it had and take off as a ‘comprehensive financial group’.

However, Rush & Cash’s mascot character ‘Chief Mu’ seems to survive. At the OK Finance executive meeting on the 18th , the manager-less character was also handed over to OK Savings Bank to discuss ways to continue as a ‘representative’. OK Finance plans to change the names of its three subsidiaries, including Afro Financial Loan, One Caching, and Ms. Sarang, in line with the withdrawal of Rush & Cash.

Contrary to OK Finance’s move to completely remove the tag of the godfather, the no-management character reminiscent of the godfather continues its history. OK Savings Bank already has a mascot character, ‘Thm Man’, so it is surprising that it is not erased.

Contrary to some negative public opinion about the loan industry, it seems that there was a management decision that it was regrettable to get rid of the influence of Manager Mu, who was popular with a friendly image. Some interpret it as an intention to clean up the image of a loaner by emphasizing that the loan company disappeared and Mr. Mu moved over to the savings bank.

However, it remains to be seen how to utilize the director’s office in the future. It cannot be used for TV or mobile advertising. It seems that we can expect to see it appear together with Thumman on the YouTube channel operated by OK Finance for non-commercial purposes.

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