Best friend → enmity after trade → reconciliation. Durant and Subbrook meet in the first round of PO. “Respect for Durant”, “Beyond Subbrook Criticism”

The most talked about series in the NBA Western Conference playoffs is the Los Angeles Clippers versus the Phoenix Suns.

Los Angeles Clippers with Russell Westbrook, who was once an enemy. Kevin Durant, who transferred from the Brooklyn Nets to the Phoenix Suns, will compete for pride.

Both players were powerful one-two punches for the Oklahoma City Thunder. They made the playoffs six straight seasons, advanced to the Western Conference Finals four times, and reached the NBA Finals in 2012.

After failing to win a championship ring, Durant left Oklahoma for the Golden State Warriors in the summer of 2016.

Westbrook was shocked by the Durant trade. The two players, who had been best friends for a while, ‘severed relations’.

In addition, Durant also had a controversy over social media accounts. At the time, in response to criticism from an Oklahoma City fan who said, “Tell me why you moved to Golden State besides winning,” Durant wrote on his account, “Everything except Durant and Westbrook is trash.” He self-defended, saying, ‘I wouldn’t have liked to play under coach Billy Donovan. However, he was immediately exposed to the fact that it was his account, and he suffered a great disgrace.

Durant’s relationship with Westbrook was further strained by the incident. When they went to Oklahoma during their Golden State days, the two players had a constant battle of nerves on the court, and even went to the brink of a physical fight.

But, years passed.

US CBS Sports said,먹튀검증 ‘Russell Westbrook has no special feelings about his confrontation with Kevin Durant. He also said he would match up normally. People still think there must be something, but nothing but respect for Durant’s career. I’m glad he’s back from injury.”

Durant also defended Westbrook, saying, “The criticism of Westbrook is too severe.” He said, ‘I understand some level of criticism of Westbrook, but it has reached a level that I can’t understand now’.

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