‘Swedish 7th Myth’ Rubikson, another miracle written in the K-League

The ‘miracle’ of Rubikson (30, Ulsan Hyundai), who started in the 7th division of Sweden and rose to the 1st division, continues to the K-League. He scored the winning goal in half of Ulsan’s opening six consecutive victories. Since he is showing passion enough to claim to be training himself, it is like having a new ‘lucky’ foreign player in Ulsan.

Rubikson, who entered the K-League for the first time after joining Ulsan in January, has played in all six games since the opening, scoring four goals and one assist. Among them, it was 2 games that started as a starter, and it is ranked 1st overall in attack points. It is a dazzling early pace in that it was late to prepare for the season due to poor health during last winter training.

The purity of 4 goals is high. Of Ulsan’s six victories, three were fruitful with Rubikson’s winning goal. In less than 10 minutes after being substituted from Jeonbuk Hyundai and Hyundai Derby in the opening game, he scored the winning goal. The opening goal in last month’s 3-0 victory over Suwon FC was also the responsibility of Rubikson. On the 8th, against Samsung in Suwon, he roared with multiple goals, including the opening goal and the winning goal.

The number of shots itself is small because the starter is only two games, so there is not much time to play. However, the decision to make the shooting opportunity in a sharp position and connect the opportunity to a goal is excellent. Rubiksson scored four goals on just nine shots in six games. All shots were attempted inside the penalty box. It means that he is showing a movement to receive the ball inside the penalty box, or he is trying to shoot after dribbling directly into the penalty box. The expected score (xG) is 1.45, and he has scored 4 goals. His score/xG is a whopping 2.76, and he ranks first among players with xG over 1.3.

He is not a player who scores valuable goals only on the ground. Even on a day off from team training, he volunteers to train directly with the coaching staff. An official from the club said, “Recently, there was a day when Mondays and Tuesdays were off, and Rubikson first told coach Seigo Ikeda (Japan), ‘I want to go to training because I only played 10 minutes against Jeju.’” ) I even called director Hong Myung-bo. He is a player who brings out the atmosphere of training together. He was so passionate.”

Looking back on his skills and passion, the miracle that he was able to rise to the first division after starting his career in the 7th division of Sweden is also explained. He started his career at Oernike IF, which belonged to the 7th division in 2011, and gradually promoted to the upper league. In the lower league, as he worked both for soccer and his livelihood, he delivered newspapers and sold sporting goods, but he managed to rise to the first division. Furthermore, the K-League is also writing a new legend.

A club official said,스포츠토토 “When I look at Rubik’s hand, I get the feeling that I am a ‘right person’. I have confidence and faith in what I said, with the mindset to do my best every game I play,” he said. He is expected to continue to perform well in the future.”

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