“Almost sold out as soon as the reservation opens” Pepper audience doubled ↑ Kim Yeon-kyung effect

Gwangju Pepper Stadium (Yeomju Indoor Gymnasium) where the match between Pepper Savings Bank and Heungkuk Life Insurance took place on the 15th. An hour before the game, cars lined up to park at the entrance of the stadium, and it was crowded with fans who entered early.

Pepper Savings Bank declared that 3,000 people were sold out before the game even started. An official from the Pepper Savings Bank club explained, “As soon as general reservations opened, almost all seats were sold. Even after opening the seats on the 3rd floor, they sold out quickly.” Pepper Stadium, which is based in Gwangju Metropolitan City, is receiving a lot of attention from local fans. However, since it is a new team that is still in its second year of existence and the team’s performance is not good, it lacks box office power. However, both matches against Heungkuk Life Insurance at home this season were sold out. 3,000 people were sold out at Heungkuk Life Insurance, which was held on December 7 last year, and all tickets were sold on this day, the second matchup. As many fans filled the stands, the concentration of the players also increased, and naturally, a hot fever was formed.

The average number of spectators at Pepper Savings Bank’s home games this season is 1,684 (as of January 15). Considering that most games attracted 1,000 spectators, the number of spectators more than doubled only in Heungkuk Life. You can read the considerable interest of the fans.

In particular, despite the fact that the game on 먹튀검증 December 7 was held on Wednesday, the area around the stadium was so crowded with spectators that the nearby roads were paralyzed by the crowds of cars. It is a common sight not only in Gwangju, but also in expeditions on days when Heungkuk Life Insurance matches are held this season. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which recorded an average number of spectators of 4,310 in Incheon home games and ranked first in both male and female divisions, is also recording an average number of spectators of 3,403 in away matches. During the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance, the number of home spectators of the opposing team jumps up. It is no exaggeration to say that Heungkuk Life Insurance is leading the women’s box office this season.

Experts see this phenomenon as the ‘Kim Yeon-kyung effect’. As ‘star player’ Kim Yeon-kyung, who chose to return to Korea again ahead of this season, made a big success in the V-League, the interest of all volleyball fans in Heungkuk Life Insurance naturally rose. The percentage of ‘intuition’ has also increased. In fact, even in the away game, it was easy to see the away fans cheering for Heungkuk Life Insurance or the cheering phrase. Heungkuk Life Insurance recently suffered a great deal of trouble as various misdeeds broke out in the process of hardening former manager Kwon Soon-chan, but rather, the interest of fans did not fall.

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