NBA Daily Injury Report (Jan. 16): How far has Anthony Davis come back?

Anthony Davis (29, 208cm), the main star of the Los Angeles Lakers, collapsed with a right foot injury during a game against the Denver Nuggets on December 15th.

As a result of the examination, his rehabilitation period was expected to be at least 4 weeks, and as of now, a month has passed, positive news has been delivered that Davis is speeding up preparations for his return.

According to a report by the LA Times, Davis’ rehabilitation is going smoothly, including half-court training on the court. Coach Davin Hamm expressed a positive view of Davis’ physical condition, saying, “Davis is moving well. He looks good from the looks of him playing. He is well on his way to rehabilitation in the right direction.”

The Lakers have recorded 7 wins and 7 losses in the last 14 games since Davis’ injury, and are recording exactly a 50% win rate. Considering the initial concerns, it’s not a bad result. Thomas Bryant (25, 208cm), who is starting in place of Davis, and backup big man Wen Yen Gabriel (25, 206cm) brilliantly filled his void, so he was able to hold on without collapsing.

Of course, apart from that, Davis’ specific return timetable is still unknown. However, there is news that Davis is getting better day by day, and he is also active in rehabilitation, so it is necessary to see if he can accelerate his return schedule. (*Davis in the regular league has an average of 33.4 in 25 games Recorded 27.4 points (FG 59.4%), 12.1 rebounds and 2.1 blocked shots)

Another positive thing is that Austin Reeves 먹튀검증 (24, 196cm) and Ronnie Walker IV (24, 193cm), who are on the disabled list along with Davis, are also eager to return to the court. According to the LA Times, the two players with hamstring and knee injuries are scheduled to undergo a re-exam this week. Both players are playing pivotal roles in the Lakers’ second and third lineups this season.

Among them, Reeves said, “Many people say that we need to be careful about hamstring injuries,” but “But I’m so frustrated sitting on the bench. I watched the game from the bench before Dallas, and it was frustrating. But what can I do? Injury is also a part of basketball. I think it’s part of it, so I’ll try to get 100% in shape as soon as possible,” he promised to return quickly.

If all the injured players return, the Lakers will gain more momentum. Ace LeBron James also expressed confidence, “The most important thing is health. If all the injured come back to the court, we can make a lot of things on both sides of the offense and defense. Also, we can gain the confidence to compete against any team and win.” revealed

Meanwhile, James, who ranks second in NBA career scoring, has only 11 points left to reach 38,000 points. If he does as usual, he is expected to be able to surpass the 38,000 point mark against the Philadelphia 76ers on the 16th. [Injury update as of 3:30 am on January 16, Korea time]

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