A housewife in her 30s who returned an empty box after receiving a refund… Imprisoned for fraud of 100 million won

A housewife in her 30s was sentenced to prison스포츠토토 for fraudulently defrauding 100 million won worth of goods by not returning items purchased online while refunding them.

According to the legal community on the 28th, Judge Jeong Geum-young of the 4th Criminal Division of the Seoul Western District Court sentenced Wi-mo (37), who was charged with fraud, to a prison sentence of 1 year and 2 months on the 23rd.

Wie was charged with taking items worth 139 million won on a total of 71 occasions in two Internet shopping malls between January 2021 and October of the same year.

Ms. Wi took advantage of the fact that you can automatically receive a refund within three days as long as the return courier invoice number is confirmed, and after requesting a refund, send an empty box or return only part of the item to steal.

It was investigated that the items obtained in such a way were sold through a second-hand trading platform, saying that they were ‘new products’.

Mr. Wie claimed to the effect that ‘I tried to return all the items, but the courier company only collected some of them’, but the court found that the return courier box was empty or that items such as smart watches and wireless earphones that could be sent in one package were sent out one at a time. It was judged that he had no intention of returning it to Mr. Wi normally due to one point or the like.

Reporter Lee Jung-soo

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