“Let’s pay less money, uncomfortable tee”… Professor Emeritus of Hanches University arrested after escape

It was revealed that the gymnastics department of Korea National Sport University was forced to receive some of the graduates’ down payment for the unemployment team. This time, this university emeritus professor was arrested for taking bribes from her students. Professor Lee, who had left for the United States after the investigation began, was arrested three years after returning home.

Reporter Sagong Seong-geun reports.


In May 2020, an emeritus professor at Korea National Sport University suddenly left for the United States.

When the police started investigating a tip스포츠토토 that a national university professor had received bribes from graduate school students, she fled abroad.

[Colleague professor at Hanches University: The professor’s lab (laboratory) was completely disintegrated, so there must have been instructors under him. It’s all dispersed and in this state.]

Professor A, who had been missing despite being wanted by Interpol for three years, was arrested and detained by the police immediately after returning to Korea last month.

The charges were bribery, and it was investigated that Professor A received a total of 70 million won from 8 doctoral students from 2014 until his retirement in 2020.

In particular, from 2018 to 2019, while serving as the dean of the graduate school, the police found that he demanded money from his students in the name of admission and passing the thesis.

A student who handed over money and goods told SBS , “Professor A asked for 10 million won for admission, and after paying 7 million won due to family circumstances, he showed discomfort.”

Graduate students who delivered bribes to Professor A’s request were also investigated by the police, and some were sentenced to fines.

However, the university did not take any action even after knowing the facts of the police investigation.

[Hanchesi University official: It is said that it is not related to retirement, and this happened after he retired and went out, so we do not remember that we did any investigation or anything like this.] The school drew a line as the

retired professor’s deviation, but Professor A is still under arrest He holds the title of Professor Emeritus at Hanches University.

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