‘7 remaining bases → 8 points’ Hanhwa anti-war drama, what happened in the 7th episode… 6 consecutive losses escaped, Jamsil Bee “I’m happy because it’s Eagles” rang out 

“What is certain is that the day will come when we will laugh, and we will not give up the process of planting seeds.”

Carlos Subero (51), head coach of the Hanwha Eagles, responded to a sharp question about the team that lost six straight games. It meant that the team was clearly improving and that we would not neglect the process by focusing on the achievements in front of our eyes.

It felt like words that were hard to understand until the middle of the game. This is because the difference between the Doosan Bears and the strength and concentration was felt. However, the flow changed in just one moment, and no one expected victory with an unexpected blow.

In the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League against Doosan held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 3rd, Hanwha, led by coach Subero, scored 8 points and won 8-3 by batting in 7th inning.

The long losing streak ended in six games. 7 wins, 18 losses, 1 draw, and the win rate (0.28) is still below 30%, but it was a game with more meaning than 1 win in that it revived the atmosphere that had fallen out of control.

In the third season, the last year of the contract, Hanwha raised expectations by running first in the demonstration game, but when the lid was opened, it was ‘as expected’. None of the pitching was satisfactory, and the players’ concentration problems, such as defense and running, also emerged.

The reason for giving up the tense game the previous day was the catcher’s mistake in the bottom of the 7th inning. Coach Subero also said before the game, “We dissect the game regardless of win or loss, but in the case of yesterday, bunt failure, base run miss, etc. were the decisive blemishes that in some way gave the atmosphere.”

However, he said that Hanwha is in the process of improving. “I can assure you that the Hanwha Eagles can be a team that can play good baseball for a long time and win baseball for a long time,” he said. “he said.

“I don’t know if I will be there at that time, but there will be other people who can take responsibility for the results, and there will be people who continue to sweat and plant seeds until the results come out, but I will not give up the process of planting those seeds,” he said.

When I opened the lid, I didn’t feel a big difference from the day before. Starter Kim Min-woo blocked the first inning with KKK, but gave up a walk straight away in the second inning. Did the defense lose focus during this process? Third baseman Noh Si-hwan failed to catch Jang Seung-hyeon’s ground ball. In the meantime, Jaehwan Kim dug a groove. After that, the inning ended with a double stroke, and the regret grew.

Kim Min-woo threw 92 pitches in 6 innings, giving up 1 hit, 4 walks, 6 strikeouts, and 1 run. There were 7 left bases until the 6th inning. 16 consecutive scoreless innings continued. In particular, it was hopeless to finish without scoring even in the 4th inning with one out and bases loaded, with a double hit with a pitcher’s grounder.

But baseball wasn’t over until it was over. At the beginning of the 7th inning, Doosan’s second pitcher, Choi Seung-yong, was replaced after giving up consecutive hits, and Doosan launched a Pil Seung-joo consisting of Park Chi-guk, Lee Byung-hun and Jeong Cheol-won, but they could not find stability, and Hanwha dug into this gap.

Starting with Jeong Eun-won, who scored a tie, Choi Jae-hoon’s timely hit, and Moon Hyun-bin’s 2 RBIs and doubles, scored 8 points. Doosan’s defense was shaken and it collapsed in an instant, even committing mistakes.카지노사이트

From the moment of reversal, the team’s representative cheering song, “I’m happy because it’s Eagles,” rang out in the seats of the Hanwha cheering squad on the third base side. Fans cheered with their throats exploding. There was even an unfunny phrase from the spectators, saying, “Please pay the points in installments.” This is the part that shows how frustrating the silence of the Hanwha batters was.

The score gap widened significantly, but Kim Seo-hyun, who was warming up on the mound, took the mound as scheduled in the bottom of the 7th inning. Since he rarely pitched during his 6-game losing streak, he could be seen as a level of coordination of his pitching sense. He blocked the 7th inning with a tripartite offense, Jaemin Kang in the 8th and Sangwon Park in the 9th took over the ball and secured the victory. Kim Min-woo took his first win (2 losses) of the season.

On the other hand, Doosan suffered a painful defeat even after using all of the Pilseung Group. Two mistakes were also regrettable. With a record of 13 wins, 12 losses and 1 draw, they stayed in 4th place.

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