‘Woods Caddy’ Joe LaCava, Patrick Cantlay Bag Menda

Joe LaCava, who has been caddying for Tiger Woods for 12 years, will caddy for Patrick Cantlay, who has 8 victories on the US PGA Tour.

American sports media ESPN reported that “Woods’ caddy La Cava will soon become Cantlay’s caddy.”

Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, said, “Lakaba called Woods and asked for his understanding, and Woods responded.”

La Cava was born in 1955, making him 37 years older than Cantlay, who was born in 1992.

LaCava caddied for Fred Couples for 20 years, then worked with Dustin Johnson for about 4 years.

Since 2011, he has been Woods’ caddy.

Even when Woods won the Masters in 2019, Lacava teamed up with Woods.

Woods underwent surgery on his right ankle last month, making it difficult for him to participate in the tournament for the time being.크크크벳

Woods, who badly injured his leg in a car accident in February 2021, withdrew due to foot pain during the third round of the Masters last month.

Woods is unlikely to appear in this year’s tournament with his current physical condition.

Cantlay is currently ranked #4 in the world.

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