‘330 billion → 98.3 billion’ PSG, actively selling Neymar… Because you can save 36 billion won in annual salary

 Europe’s richest club is also under pressure for FFP (Financial Fair Play).

The MNM combination of PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) is in danger of complete dissolution. Lionel Messi has left, and Kylian Mbappe is likely to move soon. Neymar is also being sold by PSG.

French media ‘Le Parisien’ said on the 14th (Korean time)토토사이트, “PSG is very interested in the transfer of Neymar. Neymar only receives an annual salary of 22 million pounds (about 36 billion won). If he leaves, PSG can escape from FFP pressure. “he said.

PSG thinks Neymar’s transfer fee is 59 million pounds (approximately 98.3 billion won). It has fallen significantly compared to the money PSG spent six years ago when it was brought in.

Neymar wore a PSG shirt at Barcelona in 2017. He recorded a transfer fee of 198 million pounds (approximately 330 billion won) at the time. He is the worl

Six years have passed since then. The remaining contract period with PSG is 4 years, which is still a lot. His aging hasn’t come, but his injuries are becoming more frequent.

Neymar also suffered an ankle injury last season. No appearances since February.

d’s highest transfer fee, which is still maintained.

Neymar also has no objection to the transfer. According to ‘Le Parisien’, this summer Neymar left PSG and thought about returning to Barcelona. It is known that Barcelona is still the favorite team.

It is also connected to the Saudi Arabian teams, which have recently emerged as big players in the transfer market. There are not just one or two teams that will jump at the value of the name Neymar.

However, Luis Enrique’s appointment as PSG’s head coach is expected to be a variable. The two have good memories of achieving the treble together as a manager and player in Barcelona in 2015.

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