‘A difficult first win’ coach Kim Hyeon-guk, “A game that I also have to reflect on

“It was wrong because the players showed that way, and it was스포츠토토 a game I had to reflect on.”

Kyung Hee University laid the foundation for advancing to the final tournament by defeating Myongji University 66-57 in the second match of the 39th MBC Cup National Collegiate Basketball Sangju Tournament Men’s Group B Preliminary held at Sangju Gymnasium on the 14th. In the last game against Hanyang University, which is 1 win and 1 loss side by side, they compete to advance to the final tournament.

Kyunghee University lost to Myongji University twice in the college basketball league, 71-73 and 81-84. Since the launch of the College Basketball League, they have faced off 16 times until last year and lost only twice, but adding 2 losses this year alone is a very disappointing result. As a result, Kyung Hee University took the last train in 8th place after a tough competition to advance to the playoffs.

The opportunity for revenge came early. At one point in the third quarter, Kyung Hee seemed to be winning easily, leading by a 47-28, 19-point difference. However, he was chased at the end of the game and finished the game with difficulty.

Kyunghee University coach Kim Hyun-guk said after the victory that day, “It’s good to win, but in fact, I think the players came in with a lot of preparation, but it felt like we were going home after only playing the first half (playing properly) and winning the second half.” to Myongji University), but I was not ready for the game. Neither do I. It was wrong because the players showed that way, and it was a game that I had to reflect on.”

Kyung Hee University’s 2-point and 3-point shot success rates were 38% (15/39) and 36% (8/22), respectively. Because he missed a lot of easy shots, his 2-point and 3-point shot success rates were similar.

Manager Kim Hyeon-guk said, “Including easy shots is a basic for players. He missed around 15 shots under the basket. Missing a shot can be missed,” he said. “I allowed the opponent a quick attack (6) too easily. They only expected (the shot) to go in, and no one was prepared to block it with defense in a fast attack situation (Myongji University). The players had to focus on that part, and I pointed out the pulse to the players, but my mind was in Andromeda.”

Woo Sang-hyun, who wore a mask due to a nose bone injury, scored 20 points, the most of both teams. However, manager Kim Hyun-guk pointed out Woo Sang-hyun’s attitude toward the game.

He said, “It is true that Woo Sang-hyun scored a lot and worked hard. He doesn’t want to say anything about it. Before Sang-hyeon hurt his nose, (condition) was improving. If he is a good player and is in good condition, he has to maintain that upward trend until the end, but failing to maintain that upward trend means that he has done it roughly, made a rough error, missed a shot under the goal, etc., and brought down the upward trend himself. (Skills) were improving a lot and taking the movement of the forward. Here, he can become a good player if he is equipped with a shot.

The worst part was getting hurt at the end. Even if your nose hurts, you have to get up quickly in a 6-point game and do something after defending, but if you suddenly stand alone, it is a mistake as a player. He received a technical foul for making an excessive gesture to the referee. That part does not qualify as a player, and it should have been replaced after a foul. It is a very disappointing stance as a player that (stopping) that an injured nose contact occurred while the opponent was attacking. If you throw away those things and equip yourself as a player, you will become a good player.”

Kim Suo missed a lot of shots he had to put in, but when it was important, he contributed to the victory by scoring and rebounding.

Manager Kim Hyun-guk said, “After the first half, I said something (to Kim Soo-oh). He said you don’t want to put it. The shot is also said to kill one beat before throwing. Because the center of gravity is high, the balance of the body is disturbed, so they stop, hold the posture, fake it, and then throw it.” It is positive that Kim Suo keeps height and rebound in our team. In the second half, he worked hard on the rebound and blocked Harrigan hard.”

A head-to-head match with Hanyang University is important. In the college basketball league, they won 60-48.

Manager Kim Hyun-guk said, “We have to win unconditionally (laughs). Anyway, it is the process of preparing to go up to the tournament. Today (14th) we won hard, but maybe it can be a medicine for the players. In the opposing team, Pyo Seung-bin was missing, and Shin Ji-won was the only one in height. I think we will have a better game if we block Min-jae Park’s outskirts or Joo-hyung Kim’s shot from under the goal well, and if we don’t get pushed out of the way by Hanyang University, or if we don’t get pushed back like Myongji University in the last minute,” he said. Wouldn’t it be better if I didn’t get pushed from? No matter which team I play against, I am defending in the 50-60 range, and my offense is better than playing against Yonsei University.”

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