2023 Basketball Youth and Youth Club League (i-League), second season kicks off

The basketball league created for young people who love basketball welcomes its second season.

The 2023 Basketball Youth Youth Club League (i-League, hereinafter referred to as Basketball i-League) is a

nationwide league match hosted by the Korea Sports Association and supervised by the Korea Basketball Association, with financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Sports Promotion Agency. It aims to create an enjoyable basketball culture that combines basketball with various cultural and educational contents, breaking away from the existing elite player training and match-oriented culture. The basketball i-League, which took its first step last year , was held in 12 provinces and 19 municipalities

across the country targeting sports players aged 8 to 16  .
Through this, it laid the foundation for the direction of sports for life and professional sports, and provided student athletes with opportunities to experience games and improve their skills.

The Basketball i-League has become more abundant as it celebrates its second year this year. Starting this year, the participating regions expanded from 12 cities and provinces to 13 cities and provinces, and the participating regions expanded from 19 regions to 22 regions, with 500 teams and 5,000 people participating. It consists of 4 elementary schools (U8, U10, U12, women’s elementary school), 2 middle schools (U15, women’s middle school), and 1 high school school (U18). There is also a plan to operate even by category.크크크벳

The scale of detailed programs is expected to grow even more with ‘enjoyment of basketball’ as the motto. will be conducted throughout.

In particular, the summer basketball festival, which was ambitiously planned by the association last year, was renamed to Basketball this year and renamed i-Festa. It consists of various programs such as zone, cultural experience zone, and night recreation. With the concept of student players, parents, and coaches harmonizing, special basketball lectures, classes, and various fun activities with the theme of basketball will be provided.

Meanwhile, the 2023 youth and youth basketball league will start with the Jeju League on May 13 and continue until November 30.

* List of 22 league regions participating in the 2023 Basketball Youth Club League (i-League) *

Seoul Southern League, Seoul Eastern League, Seoul Northeastern League, Busan League, Daejeon League, Daegu League, Incheon Namdong-gu League, Incheon Michuhol-gu League, Incheon Bupyeong-gu League, Ulsan Nam-gu League, Gyeonggi Gimpo League, Gyeonggi Bucheon and Siheung League, Gyeonggi Suwon/Hwaseong/Yongin League, Gyeonggi Ansan League, Gyeonggi Pyeongtaek/Osan League, Chungbuk Cheongju League, Chungnam Asan League, Jeonnam Glory League, Gyeongnam Yangsan League, Gyeongnam Changwon League, Jeju League, Sejong League

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