Young Ace Won Tae-in’s sluggishness… Samsung beats Doosan

The presence of an ace pitcher in professional baseball is great. In particular, if there is an ace among domestic players, it will be possible to form a solid starting pitching team with foreign pitchers. Won Tae-in (23) of the Samsung Lions is growing into an ace amid expectations from the club and fans.

Ace’s shoulders are heavy. He has to go head-to-head with the opponent’s ace and takes on the role of a ‘loss streak stopper’ to rescue the team from the swamp of losing streak. He must have strong mental strength and concentration to stand on the mound with the burden of a winning card. It goes without saying that you have to throw a good ball.

Taein Won, who was the ace of Gyeongbuk High School, had high expectations from the time he wore the Samsung uniform for the first nomination in 2019. He is growing into an ace, continuing his steady performance amidst such interest. Since his debut, he has been in the starting rotation for five consecutive seasons until this year.

His performance this season has been consistent. He appeared in 7 games and recorded 2 wins and 2 losses until the away game against the Doosan Bears on the 23rd. His earned run average is rather high at 4.10, but in the last 3 games, he has found stability with 2 runs in 7 innings (against KT Wiz), 3 runs in 6 innings (against Hanwha Eagles), and 1 run in 6 innings (against KIA Tigers).

His only regret is that his number of home runs is rather high at 7. He hit home runs in six of the seven games he pitched. However, Samsung coach Park Jin-man, whom I met last week, pointed out the number of pitches rather than the number of home runs. Any pitcher can hit a home run, but the number of pitches in the early stages of the game was high. He threw 128 of the 698 pitches he threw this year in the first inning.

As a starting pitcher, he has to play long innings, so hitting 1 or 2 home runs in one game is not a big problem. The saying that it is better to hit a solo home run than to concede a run on a walk has the same meaning. The advice given to young aces is to throw the ball with confidence and control the number of pitches.

Coach Park said,스포츠토토 “Even if you throw a strike at the first pitch and create an advantageous ball count, you are put in a disadvantageous situation as the number of balls increases. Then the number of pitches increases.” I wish,” he said.

Won Tae-in’s pitching on the 23rd fell short of expectations. He gave up 6 runs while striking out 4 on 13 hits in 4⅔ innings, including being hit by concentrated hits in the 3rd inning. The 13 hits he gave up that day was the most since his debut. As Wontaein collapsed, Samsung, which had gained momentum in the early stages, gave up the initiative to Doosan. The Samsung batters scored one point in the 7th inning, but ended up losing 5 to 7.

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