‘World Cup Star’ Cho Kyu-seong is not alone… K leaguers dreaming of advancing to Europe

Reporter Kim Do-yong = As the winter transfer market opens in Europe, the center of world football, K-leagues are also looking for new challenges. Cho Kyu-seong (25, Jeonbuk), Na Sang-ho (27, Seoul), Oh Hyun-kyu (22, Suwon), as well as Park Ji-su (29), Lee Jin-hyeon (26, independent), and Kwon Hyeok-gyu (22, Busan), who were spotlighted through the 2022 Qatar World Cup It is also receiving interest from European clubs.

As of the 10th, the hottest K-league is definitely Cho Kyu-seong. Cho Kyu-seong, who was the K-League 1 top scorer in 2022, rose to stardom by scoring multiple goals in the second game of the Qatar World Cup group stage against Ghana. Thanks to his performance in the World Cup, he is receiving love calls from Celtic (Scotland), Ferenc Baros (Hungary), and Galatasaray (Turkey).

The most active club is Celtic. Celtic has already proposed a transfer fee of 3 million pounds (approximately 4.6 billion won) to Jeonbuk. It is known that Mainz (Germany) set aside 2.5 million pounds (about 3.9 billion won) to recruit him.

Agent Cho Kyu-sung said, “As is well known, Celtic and Mainz showed great interest in Cho and even offered a transfer fee. American Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs are also sending love calls, but Cho’s goal is Europe for now,” adding, “We are also waiting for additional recruitment offers. Yes. The two teams that showed high interest have yet to make a specific proposal.”

Cho Kyu-sung finished his rest and personal schedule after the World Cup, joined Jeonbuk Hyundai on the 9th, and started preparing for the 2023 season. Cho Kyu-sung and his agent are continuing the conversation with Jeonbuk regarding the transfer. 토토

Na Sang-ho, who was well-received for his explosive dribbling and diligent participation in defense at the World Cup stage, was reported in Greece that Panathiacos and Olympiacos are showing interest. The Seoul club said, “There is no specific transfer proposal yet,” but said, “If the conditions are right, we are not in a position to oppose the player’s advance to Europe.”

Oh Hyun-gyu, who was with the national team as the 27th member of the Qatar World Cup, has been receiving interest from Celtic for a long time. Suwon wants to stay at the club for one more year, but Oh Hyun-gyu is showing a willingness to go abroad when the opportunity comes.

World Cup members aren’t the only ones on the European radar. Park Ji-soo, who suffered an injury ahead of the World Cup finals, is receiving attention from teams in Europe, China, the Middle East, and Korea.

Agent Park Ji-soo said, “There is no specific recruitment offer yet, but teams from the German Bundesliga and the Turkish League have consistently shown interest in recruiting Park Ji-soo.” The outline will come out within this week whether it will go to Europe or not.”

2018 Jakarta/Palembang Asian Games gold medalist Lee Jin-hyun, whose contract with Daejeon Hana Citizen expired at the end of 2022, is currently training with the Polish stronghold Legia Warsaw team.

An official from Lee Jin-hyun’s side said, “Lee Jin-hyun has a strong will to advance abroad, so he is pushing for a transfer to Europe. But nothing has been finalized yet. We are currently negotiating with Daejeon.”

Kwon Hyuk-gyu, who has already solved military problems at a young age and is recognized for his talent, is also receiving high attention from Celtic. However, Busan I-Park is in a position to be together in 2023, such as appointing Kwon Hyuk-gyu as vice-captain for the new season.

A football official said, “European small and medium league scouts are looking for talent in the K-League. Unlike the past, players also want to go through stages rather than go directly to the big leagues to settle down on the European stage.” “The winter transfer market is still open on the 20th. There’s only a little bit left, but it will be interesting to see how the Korean players move.”

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