Will Klinsmann’s ‘Multinational Division’, which will make the difference between success and failure, periodize the Bento Ho tactics?

The division that will determine the success or failure of Jurgen Klinsmann (58) was introduced.

The Klinsmann raised anchor. New coach Klinsmann of the Korean national team summoned the players to Paju NFC on the 20th in accordance with the March A-match schedule. Coach Klinsmann conducted his first training session after a brief interview before the match. 

On this day, coach Klinsman introduced the ‘division’ that will lead the national team with him and took a commemorative photo. They are Andreas Herzog (Austria) head coach, Paolo Stringara (Italy) coach, Kim Young-min (Canada) coach, Andreas Köpke (Germany) GK coach, and Werner Leuthard (Germany) physical coach. It is a multinational army. 

In fact, it can be seen that they hold the success or failure of Klinsmann. On this day, coach Klinsman said, “It is my strength to quickly grasp the players,” and he is a person with outstanding ability in handling players, which is called management. However, there is no recent coaching experience, and there are questions about detailed tactics as German legend Philip Lahm criticized in his autobiography. If the Klinsman Division can fill this part, success is possible, but if not, it becomes difficult. 

In addition, they are more important because they will be in charge of tactical periodization. Former coach Paulo Bento developed his team through tactical periodization with his division and achieved results in the round of 16 in the World Cup. Tactical periodization is a training methodology that develops players step by step, physically, and technically at the same time by setting up a training program that prioritizes tactics and integrates physical strength and technique. 

Players were able to achieve growth thanks to this tactical periodization. This is also the reason why the Bento training was well received. Director Klinsman said in an interview on the 20th, “I will bring about gradual changes, but I will continue to carry on as much as the Bentohoin that has achieved results.” Tactics periodization will continue. 

The training held on the 20th was the first training,온라인바카라 and since there are players still returning home, the intensity was not strong. However, each coach was engrossed in their work, having their first skinship with the players. 

Will they prove their abilities and contribute to Korean football and bring results? Korean soccer fans are hoping that will happen. 

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