“Why are you out there?” ‘Guzzinabrie’ went to Paris Fashion Week, the director was also angry

Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann issued a warning to ‘fashionista’ Serge Gnabry for forgetting his ‘football duty’.

‘Bayern Munich Winger’ Gnabri flew to Paris a few hours after recording a 1-1 draw in Leipzig in the 16th round of the German Bundesliga on the 21st (Korean time). The next day, the rest day, I participated in the ‘Paris Fashion Week’ event.

Na Bree, who is famous for the nickname ‘Gucci-Na Bree’, showed off the catwalk with his whole body covered in Gucci costumes from head to toe, and took several photos of the fashion model-looking force on social media.

Some supporters poured out criticism and voices of disappointment at the fashionista photos taken in real time by the Bayern Munich ace in a situation where the draw was recorded due to poor performance and the gap with second place Frankfurt 스포츠토토 (30 points) was narrowed to 5 points. Coach Gelsmann also expressed his unusual dissatisfaction with Gnabri’s behavior on the weekend ahead of the Schalke 04 expedition on the 25th in a straightforward manner.

“I think athletes can do whatever they want in their free time. If you’re an average employee, an average office worker, you don’t even know if you go to church at 10 am on Sunday, have lunch at 12 pm, and go to bed at 2 pm,” he said. “It’s important that everyone can plan their free time in a way that makes them happy, but it should always be conducive to their work,” he said. “As a manager, I have to justify our break to my superiors. I have to be able to explain why we have Sunday off and why we don’t train after the 1-1 draw,” said Gnabri. He criticized his actions indirectly.

Gnabri has been performing well with 10 goals and 11 assists in all Bayern Munich games this season. He recorded an assist for Chupo Moting’s opening goal in the 37th minute against Leipzig on the 21st. Nevertheless, many fans are looking at him with a negative gaze, saying, “Why don’t you focus on soccer during the season?”

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