Who is the winner of the ‘175th East Coast Derby’ met on the way to the summit?

The East Coast Derby, the oldest ‘derby match’ in the K-League, between Ulsan Hyundai and Pohang Steelers, will be held on the 22nd (Sat) at 16:30 at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium, Ulsan’s home stadium.

First of all, the rise of the home team Ulsan is slightly broken. Although the historic winning streak (6 consecutive wins) was stopped with a loss in the away game against Hana Citizen in the last 7 rounds of Daejeon, the fighting spirit of Ulsan players shown throughout the game and the fact that all indicators were overwhelming against the match against Pohang was strong. It is evaluated that it worked as a fortunate part ahead of time. In particular, the fact that Rubiksson, who was recruited this season from Sweden, has scored two goals in two consecutive matches, and is at the top of the score list with a total of five goals.

The visiting team, Pohang, is also in great shape. Pohang, the only undefeated team in the K-League this season, is cruising with a record of 4 wins and 3 draws under coach Kim Ki-dong, finishing second behind leader Ulsan. This season, as well, coach Kim Ki-dong’s commanding power is shining, and the situation where coach Kim Ki-dong’s ‘replacement mercenary’ shines in every game is acting as a significant good in the situation ahead of the match against Ulsan.

Defense VS Defense, break through the iron wall

The point to watch in this East Coast derby is the solid defense of both teams. This season, both Ulsan and Pohang teams are in first place (six points) with the least conceded points among 12 K-League 1 teams.

In Ulsan, former and current national team defenders such as Kim Young-kwon, Jung Seung-hyun, Kim Tae-hwan, Seol Young-woo, and Kim Ki-hee are in charge of the back of Ulsan’s blue waves and calm the opponent’s attacks under the direction of coach Hong Myung-bo, a former legendary defender.

Pohang also puts down the opponent’s attack with a defensive arrangement that considers the characteristics of players according to the situation by combining well with players who are showing good performance in the league, such as Park Seung-wook, Grand, Park Chan-yong, Shin Kwang-hoon, and Shim Sang-min, thanks to coach Kim Ki-dong’s excellent strategy. .

It is good to pay attention to the ‘goal’ that can decide the game in this East Coast Derby, but if you pay attention to the solid defense they show, the East Coast Derby will be more fun.

Previous-recent history Pohang strong, Ulsan possible to take revenge?

The two teams have faced each other 174 times in the total league, and the opponent record shows that Pohang is slightly ahead with 64 wins, 52 draws and 58 losses. Pohang was famous for holding back at important moments against Ulsan, especially last season, Pohang held Ulsan’s ankle properly and even showed a lead in the opponent’s record last season.

Last season, Pohang played 4 games against Ulsan in the league, recording 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, showing a strong performance against rival Ulsan.

On the other hand, last season Ulsan showed a league champion-like appearance to lead 10 teams, including another rival Jeonbuk, in the opponent’s record, but only Pohang showed a loss in the opponent’s record and damaged their pride.

It would be nice to keep an eye on how defending champion Ulsan, who pledged revenge against Pohang this season, will perform in the first East Coast derby of the season.

In addition, if you pay attention to the fact that the difference in points between 1st place Ulsan and 2nd place Pohang is only 3 points (Ulsan 18 points, Pohang 15 points), you will be able to enjoy the true beauty of this East Coast Derby even more. 2nd place Pohang can create a situation where it is possible to pursue Ulsan by achieving a single lead or a tie with Ulsan depending on the victory. On the other hand, 1st place Ulsan will be able to solidify its leading position if it wins, and if it records a loss, it will be put into a situation where it is placed in a fierce pursuit by Pohang.

In addition, with both teams tied for a total of 209 goals in the East Coast Derby, who will take the lead in scoring first in the East Coast Derby? Whether or not Rubiksson, who is leading the scorer with five goals, will score consecutive goals, this East Coast Derby is also expected to go to the cheers of the fans with quite a lot of stories.안전놀이터

The 175th East Coast Derby met on the way to the summit. Who will be the winner of the East Coast Derby, which is called the best box office derby along with Hyundai Ga Derby (Jeonbuk VS Ulsan) and Super Match (Seoul VS Suwon) in the K-League, creating all-time great matches in countless history? Let’s pay attention to the East Coast Derby, the K-League’s best match this weekend.

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