Where are my limbs?’ restless… Drug addiction caught on CCTV

A woman who was handed over to police over payment for a taxi fare has been arrested after testing positive for drugs.

While the woman was already on trial for drug use, she was found to have dabbled in drugs again.


A taxi driver asked a police officer for help with paying the fare, saying, “The customer is unfavorable.”

The police tried to verify her personal information in order to hand the woman over to her guardian, but her Mr. A was in a difficult state to talk to.

However, the police officers who were looking at her condition had a suspicious feeling that they were different from the drunken people they usually saw. Looking at the CCTV footage of her police station, her Mr. A was shaking her arms wildly in her seat, and she kept checking her arms and legs, etc., and she was restless

As a result, the police checked both cell phone numbers in the name of Mr. A and confirmed that he was on trial for taking methamphetamine from three months ago.

The police suspected that Mr. A had touched drugs again, and as a result of requesting support from the drug investigation team, a simple reagent test showed a positive reaction for methamphetamine again.

Eventually, Mr. A was arrested at the scene and is now said to be in custody.

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