“When I was 17…” Matei Kok returned as the only ‘new face’ after 10 years

“If it wasn’t for Yosbani, I would have nominated Matei Kok,” said Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance manager Kim Sang-woo, who nominated Yosbani Hernandez as the second-choice pick.

The 2023 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) men’s tryout held in Istanbul, Turkey for three days from the 6th to the 8th was completed.

The first nomination right was taken by OK Financial Group. However, with the renewal of the contract with Leo confirmed, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (2nd place) exercised the actual first place nomination. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance nominated Yosbani Hernandez (Cuba/Italy, 201cm), who received good reviews in the field.

Four clubs (Korean Air-Lincoln, KB Insurance-Villena, OK Financial Group-Leo, Korea Electric Power-Tice), which accounted for more than half of the seven teams, turned to renew contracts with foreign players. Ikbairi, who belonged to Samsung Fire Insurance in the previous season, moved to Hyundai Capital.

Woori Card is the only one that recruited ‘New Face’. Matei Kok (Slovenia, outside heater, 199cm), nominated by coach Shin Young-chul of Woori Card, takes a new step into the V-League. He was evaluated as unexpected in the field. Matei Kok was a player who was outside the rankings, let alone the top ranks, in the preliminary preference survey. However, Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim also revealed that he has some skills worth keeping an eye on, saying, “If it weren’t for Yosubani, I would have picked Matei Cock.”

Coach Shin, who exercised the unexpected designation, pondered over Yosubani and Matei Kok, but decisively gave more points to receiving. In an interview after the nomination, he said, “Yosbani is better in performance, and Matei Kok is better in receiving,” he said. He explained the reason for the nomination, saying, “If you think about a player’s blocking, you have power, but you also have to think about defense.”

Matei Kok, who was pointed out unexpectedly, also couldn’t hide his recalled feelings. He confessed, “It was so good, I didn’t expect it at all,” and “I was stressed because it was my first time attending such a big event, but I think I became more emotional.”

Micha Gasparini, who was active in Korea in the last 12-13 seasons (Hyundai Capital) and 16-19 (Korean Air), is his colleague. Matei Kok, who answered that he knew the Korean league well through Gasparini, said, “I heard that the system is well established and the club’s support is good.” I will do my best to become a leader.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Yosubani (left) participating in the 22-23 tryout – Woori Card Matei Kok and Matei Kok SNS account

Matei Kok went through the Slovenian, Polish and Austrian leagues before stepping into the Korean league this season. He has also played for the Slovenian national team.

Matei Kok confessed, “When he was 17, he came to Korea for a week with the national team. I think he ate something spicy, but I can’t remember because I was young.” He stepped on the Korean soil he had been looking for for a while 10 years ago, this time as a professional player. Matei Kok, who found a place to play as a starter, expressed his joy by posting several posts about joining Woori Card through his personal social media account.

Woori Card sent a number of national team players for the 2023 Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Challenger Tournament to be held in Taiwan in July. A total of four players were selected: libero Jae-seong Oh, middle blockers Park Jun-hyeok and Lee Sang-hyun, and outside hitter Kim Ji-han. Therefore, the time for the players to match their hands and feet as a whole is somewhat lacking. In addition, through the recent Asian quota system, Issei Otake (Japan) must be recruited to completely renew breathing. The key is how to cover the big hole that Na Kyung-bok left.

In this situation, coach Shin has not yet confirmed the position of the outside heater for Otake and Matei Kok. He replied, “Our team has no clear players, so we have to make them through training.” Matei Kok’s scoring prowess became more desperate. With several re-tuning required, the team wants to test the abilities of the new fixer.토스카지노

Meanwhile, with the men’s outside tryout successfully completed, the women’s tryout will be held at the Alagas Gymnasium in Haldun, Istanbul from the 11th to the 13th.

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