What about the past record? Sorry about the limit on golf ball distance

104.8 m. Does the reader know what number it is? 104.8m is the world record for the javelin throw. It was founded in 1984 by German (then East German) player Uwe Horn. This record has not been broken until now, 30 years later. Suddenly, what kind of javelin talk is this? I hope you believe in the baepsae and read a little more. 스포츠토토

Athletics competition held in Berlin on July 20, 1984. Uwe Horn set a new world record for the javelin throw by throwing 5.08 m farther than his previous record. It was the first time humans crossed 100m in the javelin throw on this day. The crowd cheered that day. But the International Association of Athletics Federations was appalled. This is because the spear thrown by Uwe Horn flew almost to the end of the field. What if it flew a few more steps? I almost fell into the track arena. To the area where you are doing running or high jumping. 

The modern javelin throw became an official sport at the 1912 Olympics. The first year’s world record is 62.32 m. After that, it continued to rise to 71.01m in 1928, 80.41m in 1953, and 95.80m in 1982. Then, in 1983, he climbed to the bottom of the 100m chin at 99.72m. Ube Horn broke it again. 

This great record served as an opportunity to change the javelin standard. The safety issue mentioned above was the biggest reason. Isn’t it possible to grow the stadium indefinitely to match the increasing distance of the spear? Can’t the stadium be raised according to the flight distance? Isn’t that what someone said recently? Yes. This is the reason why the British Royal Golf Association (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA) put forth a restriction on the distance of a golf ball. In the javelin throw, the International Association of Athletics Federations changed the standard to make the javelin fly less after struggling for nearly two years. That was back in 1986. When the standard was changed, the distance of the spear decreased by nearly 10%. Since then, no one has been able to break the record set by Uwe Horn. 

Modern golf is gaining popularity day by day. One of the secrets of popularity is records. Whether Tiger Woods will break the PGA Tour record of 82 victories by adding at least one win. Along with winning records, the record that golfers are most interested in is the driving distance. The first player in the world to exceed 300 yards of driving distance on average is John Daly, a bad boy on the field. Since then, monster-like players have continued to appear, renewing the long hit record. 

In this situation, if the distance of the golf ball is reduced, the old record and the new record become incomparable. Just as the javelin throw record is being reconsidered after changing the spear standard. Along with distance, the record for the lowest number of strokes that golfers pay attention to can also be the same. Like the 59 club (a list of players who hit 59). 

Does reducing the distance a little affect the number of strokes? crazy of course Let’s assume that the distance is reduced by nearly 20 steps based on a long hitter. Then, when you hit the second shot, you have to hold the club about two clubs longer than before. What if you hit the green with a longer club than before? Of course, you can’t stick it closer to the hole. The farther you go, the less likely you are to putt. If that happens, the 59 clubs may not be able to receive new members in the future. No, only those who hit 59 with a new ball can be counted separately. Because he is a player who has done much more difficult things. What does that mean? Reducing the distance of a golf ball does not, of course, bring a big change to enjoying golf as a hobby. It means that when hitting the driver head speed over 120 miles (very much over 50m per second) or about 20 steps less. If it’s 120 miles, isn’t it a head speed you can’t even dream of? There were times when the baboons hit more than 120 miles. It still swings in the mid 110s. Let’s leave the question of whether or not we should go out. Oops, what were you talking about? 

right. Sports feed on popularity. This is especially the case with spectator sports relayed on TV. This is because viewers are enthusiastic about the players on TV creating miraculous results that cannot be achieved. Neither the R&A nor the USGA are immune to these concerns. I didn’t know that it was PGA and I didn’t agree to reduce the distance. when did you agree? You haven’t heard of that? How could the R&A and USGA have done so without the consent of the PGA, the world’s largest golf organization? Still, I am saddened by the thought that it may be difficult to see an alien-like player appearing and breaking records in the future. It is a pity to reduce the distance of the golf ball. 

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