Veteran Hill’s reflection “9K? It’s useless if you give up too many points” 

Pittsburgh Pirates starting left-hander Rich Hill, who became a losing pitcher despite showing good pitches, blamed himself for putting the team in trouble.

In an interview held on the 24th (Korean time) after losing the home game to the Texas Rangers 1-6 at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, Hill pitched his pitch that day (7 hits, 2 walks, 9 strikeouts, 5 runs in 5 1/3 innings). said about

In the first inning, bad luck such as a triple hit and a balk due to a defensive mistake by a center fielder continued, and he gave up two runs. “I heard that it was a balk because I pitched without stopping. It’s one of those things that I can’t control,” he said.

“I threw a terrible pitch in the 6th inning. He should have thrown better,” he said, expressing his regret for conceding an extra run in the 6th inning.

“In the major leagues, if you don’t throw the ball properly, you can’t put the team in a winning position,” he continued, adding, “I couldn’t put the team in a winning position. The game, which was 1-2 when the opposing pitcher was throwing well, became 1-4 when I came down. It was a game in which the selection of the opponent had to be acknowledged. I didn’t throw very well. I should have done better,” he blamed himself.

Looking at his pitching that day, it is difficult to understand. After giving up a run in the first inning, he was stable. In particular, he struck out four batters in a row from the second to the third inning with one out. He pitched well except for the sixth inning.

Director Derek Shelton also said, “The pitch was good. He induced many swings and struck out consecutively. I threw really well,” he praised Hill’s pitching.

Hill shook his head when he pointed out, “Isn’t it too much to blame for striking out 9?” He came down the mound with a score of 1-4. It put the team in an unbeatable position,” he said.

He continued,스포츠토토 “Consoling yourself that it was a good pitch even after such a mound, in my opinion, is not the mindset for a winning team. You have to have higher standards and be able to throw good balls as planned. You have to work hard to create opportunities for your team to win.”

“In the end, how well you execute the plan is what matters. That’s the goal. Other than that, there aren’t many things I can control. I threw well until the 5th inning, but the 6th inning was a scene that should not have happened. You have to keep trying and moving forward. It is important to be able to throw as planned throughout the game.”

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