Ulsan-Jeonbuk match ‘lost well’?… Can’t beat Suwon, ‘special countermeasures’ must be reviewed

There is no result to self-confidence that we fought well against some strong teams. 

The repeated loss of points after the opening goal is also a factor that bothers the team.

Suwon Samsung lost 2-3 in the 7th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 against Jeju United held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 15th. 

Suwon wanted to win 49 days after Basani scored the opening goal in the 7th minute of the first half, but the team collapsed after that. Suwon, who allowed Yuri Jonatan to equalize in the 21st minute of the first half, gave up a come-from-behind goal and a key goal to Hayes in the 3rd and 17th minutes of the second half, falling behind by two goals. In the 34th minute of the second half, Yu Je-ho scored a wonder goal for Suwon, but it was not a draw.

With 2 draws and 5 losses, it was Jeju’s third away game after coming to the shore, and considering that it was also struggling at the beginning of the season, victory was desperately needed, but what came back was a shock defeat due to the collapse of the defense. 

Even when the opening goal was scored, the atmosphere was good. Even in the midfield fight, Kim Bo-gyeong and Basani helped Lee Jong-seong and did not get pushed back. 

However, perhaps because of the aftermath of three consecutive away games, Jeju aimed for space behind the Suwon defense with a fairly direct attack, and in the process, Yuri Jonatan quickly scored an equalizer in the 21st minute of the first half.

After that, Suwon’s defense was helpless. When Hayes scored a come-from-behind goal in the third minute of the second half, he was unable to clear the ball that Yuri dropped with a header in a free kick situation. After that, the defense scene was also poor. Hayes had no marksmen. 

In addition to this, there were continuous mistakes in the defense, which made coach Lee Byeong-geun continue to suffer from headaches. 

Even before the game on this day, the last expectations for Suwon remained. In the previous 6 rounds, they lost 1-2 to Ulsan, who were winning all over the field, but in the second half, they harassed the home team with overwhelming attack power. After the game, Ulsan players praised, “I can’t believe that Suwon is at the bottom.”

In addition, with a 3-1 win in the midweek FA Cup against Ansan Greeners, they rode the first win in the official game this year anyway. Also, in the second round of last month, another strong team, Jeonbuk, was pressed and tied 1-1, giving hope.

However, the scene where he collapsed and lost in a game he had to win did not improve. The home game against Jeju was no different than 90 minutes, which showed that Suwon’s road to victory is not easy. The offense was frustrating and the defense was full of loopholes as if a screw had come loose. Neither the players’ spirit nor the coach’s mercenary skills were visible.

The opening goal was scored in three of the six matches, but all lost points with one draw and two losses. 

Striker Oh Hyeon-gyu’s move to Celtic is regrettable for a day or two. Oh Hyun-kyu’s absence is not a reason for him to go down to the last place.

Suwon will play the first super match of the season against rival Seoul on the 22nd. Seoul has returned to its performance this season and is in 3rd place. Then, they will play an away game against Pohang, who are undefeated in the midweek game and run second. Come back and face Daegu at home on the weekend. I’m in the middle of the day.

Coach Lee Byung-geun is also acutely aware of his responsibility after the match against Jeju. He honestly confessed his worries about his future, saying,카지노사이트 “I also have my shortcomings. I have to take responsibility for the results. I think I have to take responsibility because I made a mistake.”

Where can we find a reversal of Suwon, which seems to fall into an endless mire? Although it is early in the season, there are many voices calling for special measures to be taken.

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