Two Korea-Japan matches, Japan’s ‘Complete Victory’… A Korean fighter cries in the living room in Wonju

Korea was completely defeated in the two Korean and Japanese fighters facing each other on the road FC tournament stage.

Park Hae-jin (31) lost to Devana Shutaro (38, Japan) by unanimous decision after three rounds in the Goobne Road FC 064 lightweight quarterfinal tournament held at the Wonju Sports Complex in Gangwon-do on the afternoon of the 24th.

In the first round, Park Hae-jin preoccupied the center of the cage. Even if the opponent throws a punch, he strides forward. Devana, who is good at jiu-jitsu, immediately switched to the ground and overpowered Park Hae-jin. Devanah wrapped her left hand around Park Hae-jin’s neck and continued punching with her right hand. Until the end of the first round토토사이트, Park Hae-jin could not release his grip.

Park Hae-jin tried to strike again in the second round. However, Devana drove to the ground with ease. Devana, who again occupied the top position, created an advantage. Park Hae-jin also did not give up and reversed his position. Park Hae-jin, who finally went up to full mount, threw a pounding, but the round was over.

Devana also defeated Park Hae-jin on the ground in the third round. Right before the match ended, Park Hae-jin attempted a choke, but Devana withstood it and won by decision.

In the bantamweight quarterfinal tournament that followed, Jeon Moon (39) lost to Akira Haraguchi (28, Japan) by unanimous decision.

As a Taekwondo fighter, Jeon Moon-hoon in the first round faced Haraguchi with a spectacular kick. However, Haraguchi caught Moon Jae-hoon’s right-footed kick and it was a ground fight. Haraguchi, a former wrestler, tied Jeon Moon tightly on the ground.

In the second round, Jeon Moon-hoon was kicked again. Haraguchi immediately attempted a rear naked choke. The technique was properly applied, but Jeon Moon-hun endured until the end. Although he was standing for a while, Haraguchi again made a ground fight and dominated the round.

last round. Because of the kick catch, Moon Jae-hoon could not boldly stretch his feet. When Moon Jae-hoon hesitated, Hagaguchi attempted a clinch. Ground started again. In the end, Jeon Moon-hoon also suffered the second defeat against Korea and Japan in the tournament with a unanimous decision by the judges in the third round.

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