Trophy at the end of game 7 overtime… After the dramatic victory, ‘two veterans’

The men’s basketball champion was decided only after going into overtime in the last game 7. There were two veterans behind Ginseng Corporation’s victory.


< Anyang KGC 100:97 Seoul SK|Pro Basketball Championship Game 7 (Yesterday) >

SK Kim Seon-hyung, the best star in the regular league, scored 19 points in the 3rd quarter alone, but Ginseng Corporation did not back down.

The game, which was chased and chased, was split only after the 7th game was filled and went to overtime.

Until Ginseng Corporation, which had three losses first, won the championship trophy, there were two solid veterans behind it.

Thirty-nine captain Yang Hee-jong was the team’s mental support.

Spellman’s dunk shot march that raised the atmosphere of the 7th game, and a word of insistence to remember the moment when he gave up the champion a year ago were stimulating.

Hee-Jong Yang suffered a torn shoulder ligament during the 5th game and had to watch on the bench in tears, but stepped on the court with 3 seconds left to end his career as a player.

[Yang Hee-jong/Anyang KGC: It was an honor to be able to spend the last time on the court with my juniors, and I would like to summarize that Yang Hee-jong’s basketball life lived well.]

On the court, 36-year-old Oh Se-geun took the center.

He changed the flow at the decisive moment and earned his third playoff MVP by consistently performing throughout the series.

I endured frequent injuries and the promise that I would show the evaluation of ‘It’s over now’ again.

[Oh Se-geun/Anyang KGC: Some say they are veterans, some say ‘everyone is dead’, and I think it’s a really valuable prize because they earned it through hard work in this situation.] Ginseng

Corp. He also enjoyed a surprise party with his fans.

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