Tommy John → Rule 5 Draft → Bullpen → Ace… MLB ‘WHIP 1’ Tyler Wells

WHIP (on-base per inning) is a representative indicator of a pitcher’s stability. The number of hits and walks allowed by at bats divided by innings. The lower the better. A 1.0 is considered a top-tier pitcher in the league, and a 1.2 is considered a good pitcher.

Currently, the pitcher with the lowest WHIP in the Major League Baseball (MLB) is Tyler Wells (28), a right-hander starting pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. He has a WHIP of just 0.72 while pitching 47 innings. In other words, there are many times when not even one man is allowed to go on base per inning.

The low WHIP comes from Wells’ low batting average. His batting average is 0.152, which is second in the league after Ohtani Shohei (0.143) of the Los Angeles Angels.

As I continue pitching with a sense of stability, my overall performance is also running toward a career high. Wells emerged as Baltimore’s ace this year with a 2.68 ERA (ERA) of 3 wins and 1 loss.

Wells, who started the season with the 5th starter, is showing a stable appearance in every game, with the worst pitch being 4 runs in 6 innings. Local time Yesterday (13th) in the home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, he showed perfect pitching with 1 hit and 8 strikeouts in 7 innings, leading the team to a 2-0 victory.

In fact, Wells is the pitcher Baltimore got for ‘free’. Drafted in the 15th round (453 overall) by the Minnesota Twins in the 2016 draft, Wells underwent Tommy John surgery (joint ligaments in the elbow) and did not pitch at all in 2019-2020.

After two years of inactivity, Minnesota did not make it to its 40-man roster at the end of 2020, and Baltimore selected it in the second round of the Rule 5 Draft.

Wells threw 57 innings in 2021 with a uniform change and played well in the bullpen with an ERA of 4.11. He transitioned from the bullpen to the starter last year, which wasn’t bad with a 4.25 ERA and 7-7 loss in 103.2 innings.

Nevertheless, Wells had to compete again in spring training this season, and after fierce debate within the club whether to go back to the bullpen or start, he was able to start as a starter after much struggle.

Even at this time,스포츠토토 there were many prospects that Baltimore’s best prospect pitcher, Grayson Rodriguez, would go back to the bullpen when he was called up to the big leagues, but he is evolving into an ace, overturning many people’s expectations.

Baltimore’s five starters, including Wells, Kyle Gibson, Kyle Bradish, Dean Cremer, and Rodriguez, showed an even performance, and are running 26-13, 2nd in the American League (AL) winning percentage and 1st in the wild card.

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