Throwing 167km even after the peak… A Storm is Coming to the ML Trade Market

‘Cuban missile’ shakes up the major league trade market?

It’s not an impossible scenario. Kansas City Royals’ Cuban fastball pitcher Aroldis Chapman (34) was considered a potential trade candidate.

On the 18th (Korean time), the official website of Major League Baseball ( introduced 10 players who are attracting attention as potential trade candidates.

Chapman’s name was included among the 10 people introduced by ‘’. “Bullpen depth is the most important factor in the trade season,” the media said. “Chapman has had some problems lately, but he’s been able to bounce back this year and could be a popular trade target this summer.”

Then, ‘’ said, “Chapman is holding 14.6 strikeouts per 9 innings. Compared to last year’s 10.7, it is a large increase,” and said that Chapman is showing a different appearance compared to last season.

Chapman, who debuted on the major league stage with the Cincinnati Reds in 2010, settled down as a closer with 38 saves in 2012, and moved to the Chicago Cubs in 2016 and earned 16 saves, helping the Cubs break the “goat curse” and win the World Series. played a major role in obtaining

Chapman, who headed to the New York Yankees in 2017, recorded 30 saves in 2021 and continued to play as a closer, but last year he went 4-4, 9 saves and had an average ERA of 4.46, and eventually had to leave the Yankees and enter the market as a free agent. Chapman hinted at a breakup last year while suffering from a left Achilles tendon injury while having a conflict with the club, such as not attending team training without permission. His career major league record was 45-37 with 316 saves and an earned run average of 2.49.

Chapman, who is playing as a middle relief pitcher in Kansas City this year, pitched 16⅔ innings in 18 games, striking out 27, recording 1 win, 2 losses, 1 save, and an ERA of 3.24. On the 17th, against the San Diego Padres, he came out as a relief pitcher at the bottom of the 7th inning and blocked one scoreless inning and recorded the highest speed of 103.8 miles (167 km). He is past his prime, but he is still a player with utility value. Also, Kansas City is at the bottom of the American League Central Division, so there is a high possibility of using Chapman as a trade card.안전놀이터

Meanwhile, ‘’, along with Chapman, Tim Anderson, Dylan Seads, Lucas Giolito, Yasmani Grandal (Chicago White Sox), Jack Flaherty (St. Louis Cardinals), Randall Grichick, Jurickson Profar (Colorado) Rockies), Will Myers (Cincinnati Reds), and Zak Pederson (San Francisco Giants) as potential trade candidates.

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