‘Three trophies → Marriage → Participation in the first national team’ KGC Park Ji-hoon’s flower path continues

 Park Ji-hoon (29, 184cm)’s flower path is currently in progress.

The Korea Basketball Association announced on the 26th through a press release the list of 16 men’s national basketball team members for strengthening training in preparation for the 2023 FIBA ​​Olympic preliminaries and the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games. Among them, the name that stands out is Park Jihoon. Park Ji-hoon, who contributed to Anyang KGC’s unified victory, wore the Taegeuk mark on his chest for the first time in his life.

Park Ji-hoon said, “It feels so good to be selected. On the one hand, I was suspicious. Isn’t there a lot of players who are very good at it? I think not only me but also the fans thought so. He talked about his feelings, saying, “I will work hard so that you can think, ‘Oh, this player deserves to be selected for the national team’.”

During his school days, Park Ji-hoon was never selected for the youth national team. He was not a national star, but he steadily improved his skills and showed improvement every season after he turned pro. As a result, he was able to enjoy the honor of being on the national team for the first time.

“When I was a college student, I was selected for Lee Sang Baek-bae and the Universiade team, but it felt completely different. Isn’t it because we only selected the best players in Korea? I am so honored to be included. I have always dreamed of becoming a national representative, but I want to experience and learn as much as possible. If I get a chance, I want to show a good play. First of all, I think you should approach it with the thought of learning.” Park Ji-hoon said.

Entering 2023, Park Ji-hoon is only walking on a flower path. He won the regular league, EASL (East Asian Super League) Champions Week, and playoffs all. During his school days, he won his first career championship three times. After the regular season, he won the Sixth Man Award and the Play of the Season Award, and got married and started a family. He was selected for the national team with a brilliant finish, and good things came one after another.

Regarding this, Park Ji-hoon said, “From elementary school to professional, he had no winning experience, but he has already done it 3 times this year alone. And I won an award, and I got married. He came on his honeymoon and heard the news that he had been selected for the national team, but he seems to be very lucky this year. I will prepare better so that good things can continue to happen,” he laughed.

The 16 trainees,메이저사이트 including Park Ji-hoon, will be convened at the Jincheon National Training Center on June 21st. Afterwards, after matching hands and feet, they are scheduled to participate in the evaluation match against Japan scheduled for July 22nd and 23rd at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium.

Park Ji-hoon said, “I think coach Il-seung Choo and coach Hoon-jae Lee saw my strengths and chose me. I want to show my ability to the fullest. And I hope to grow one step further while training. If I play in the evaluation match against Japan, I will work hard to show people why I was selected.”

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