“They told me to die of exhaustion” How did the first hell drill go, and the national team is confident of resurrecting 11.5 billion gyops?

Doosan fourth baseman Kim Jae-hwan spent 25 days of man-to-man hell in Icheon. Manager Lee Seung-yeop, who led the training, is confident of the 11.5 billion won resurgence next season.

Lee recently met with reporters at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul to discuss the results of Kim Jae-hwan’s final camp hell and to give his outlook for next season.

“I think there were definitely achievements. “Kim Jae-hwan practiced a total of 19 times in uniform, excluding holidays, and I felt that he definitely improved. Of course, there is no guarantee that his performance will improve because he hasn’t played an actual game. However, I think I practiced enough. It’s really tiring and hard to hold a bat and train man-to-man for one and a half to two hours, but I got through it. I’ve got the first one down,” he said with a satisfied smile. 아톰카지노 주소

Lee made the decision to include the 16-year pro, Kim Jae-hwan, in the finishing camp in Icheon, which ran from October 31 to November 24. Normally, the finishing camp is a time for rookies to make up for their deficiencies and establish their own baseball. However, the manager’s request and the player’s will combined to allow the veteran to participate in an unusual finishing camp, and Kim Jae-hwan dreamed of reviving his season in the third year of his free agency contract by receiving home run know-how from Lee Seung-yeop, who was called the national hitter during his active career.

Kim Jae-hwan came to training camp for one reason. After signing a four-year, $11.5 billion free agent contract, he has suffered his worst slump in two years. After batting .244 with 23 homers, 72 RBIs and an .800 OPS in 128 games in his first year, Lee’s second year with the club was a career-low, even worse than last year. A season-ending right hand injury coupled with a .331 batting average with 10 homers, 46 RBIs and an OPS of .800 in 132 games didn’t help Doosan’s chances in the standings.

Kim Jae-hwan was determined. He endured more intense training sessions in front of his juniors than he ever dreamed of as a youngster. According to Doosan’s official YouTube channel, “Bear Stevie,” he dropped his bat and glove on the ground at the end of one day’s training and laid down on the ground, complaining of low stamina. When Lee said, “Tell me if you’re sick,” he replied, “I think I’m going to throw up,” demonstrating the intensity of the training. All 19 sessions were conducted at this level of intensity.

Along with his technical skills, the coach also worked on his mental game. “We talked a lot rather than injecting content. We had more conversations in these 19 training sessions than we did this season,” he said. “When we talked, we realized that as he got older and his performance got worse over the seasons, he practiced too many different ways. We were practicing a lot of different things, but we weren’t really getting to the point. He said, “Trust me, let’s go,” and it was a time to get to know each other more,” he said.

He added, “Now it’s a period of self-discipline. It’s not a situation where I can look after them. If we take the same training in December that we did in the final camp, we will be better in January, and if we take it step by step, we will be better in February. I’m sure my problems will come up again in spring training, in the trials, but I’m confident that if I work on them little by little, I’ll be able to make up for two years of bad luck. I do. Kim Jae-hwan has no place to hide anymore,” he said, confirming the 11.5 billion won resurgence.

We could also hear his sincere feelings for his pupil, who participated in the finishing camp and went through hell without complaining. “I don’t know if Kim Jae-hwan relied on me or pretended to, but we talked a lot about the problems and what we need to do in the future,” Lee said, adding, “As a coach, I am very grateful that Kim Jae-hwan participated in the finishing camp. I told him to die of exhaustion, but he did enough. It’s not all about the amount of practice, but the body has to remember it first to make a good posture. I think he probably erased all the bad thoughts in his head through this camp.”

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