There are no Nstar or super prospects… “There are no residual injuries” Baseball continues with Tigers’ fourth hitter

“It’s not as explosive as it was in its heyday, but… .”

Choi Hyeong-woo of the KIA Tigers is showing off a fierce hitting feeling this season. He has appeared in 30 games this season and leads the Tigers’ batting average with a .321 batting average (35-for-109) with 4 home runs, 22 RBIs and 15 runs scored.

With Na Seong-beom and Kim Do-young out with injuries and Socrates Brito and Hwang Dae-in unable to rebound, they are holding the center of the lineup well.

In fact, for the past two years, Choi Hyeong-woo has not been able to perform like Choi Hyung-woo. In the 2021 season, he had a batting average of .233 with 87 hits, 12 homers and 55 RBIs. He moved up to the starting ranks and failed to reach 100 hits for the first time since the 2008 season. His 13-year streak of 100 hits was broken.

His last season was better. In 132 appearances, he had a batting average of .264 with 120 hits, 14 home runs, 71 RBIs and 55 runs scored. Someone could say that it was just such a record, but it was unreasonable to expect a better performance than this from a player who passed the bullying.

How does KIA coach Kim Jong-kook view Choi Hyeong-woo’s play recently? He said that the biggest factor in his rebound was that he prepared for the season normally without any minor injuries.

Director Kim Jong-guk said, “From what I saw, last year there were a lot of minor injury issues. He suffered from a herniated disc or a small injury. However, he did well in conditioning and taking care of his body this season even before the start of the season and during the inactive period. There is no such thing as minor injuries as you get older.”

Of course, it is not possible to show the destructive power of his prime. There are limits. However, coach Kim Jong-guk explains that he can show similar performance throughout the season. belief is laid

Director Kim said, “It doesn’t have as much explosive power as it did in its heyday. However, he is maintaining the same condition as him.”메이저놀이터

Choi Hyung-woo played as the designated hitter 4 times in the game against Daegu Samsung on the 16th, recording 1 hit, 1 RBI and 1 run in 5 at-bats, adding strength to KIA’s 8-2 double victory. At the beginning of the 7th inning, Hwang Dae-in was called home at 4-2, and Socrates went home during his three-run.

The baseball of the Tigers’ 4th hitter who passed the bullying continues.

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