The team’s strong support for many changes! Shinhan Bank Yoo Seung-hee

Shinhan Bank is one of the teams that have undergone the most changes this off-season. Danbi Kim, who was a key resource of the team, made a surprise transfer to Woori Bank, and Umji Han also chose to transfer to BNK, making changes inevitable. Shinhan Bank, where Sonia Kim and Jinyoung Kim joined as free agent transfer compensation players, is making great efforts to match the breath of existing players and newly joined players. 

Amidst these changes, Shinhan Bank, which has entered the season, consistently maintains a 50% win rate and is making a name for itself in the playoffs. In addition, Shinhan Bank’s appearance cannot be overlooked by Yoo Seung-hee, who is dedicated to defending and rebounding. 

Shinhan Bank, which had a lot of changes and a difficult off-season,

had to face unexpected changes in the FA market this time. Both Kim Dan-bi and Han Um-ji, who were internal FA resources, chose to change. Kim Dan-bi, who seemed to remain a Shinhan Bank franchise star, surprised everyone by announcing her transfer to Woori Bank, and Han Um-ji also chose to move to BNK. 

In particular, Kim Dan-bi’s transfer was so shocking that even coach Guna Dan said he hadn’t expected it. It was also disappointing news for Yoo Seung-hee, who followed Kim Dan-bi well. 

“Actually, I don’t think there’s anything sad about it. And honestly, I didn’t feel it very well during the off-season. My sister was always in the national team during the off-season, and this time I had time to spend with her while I was in Jincheon for a while. At the same time, until the season started I don’t think I was able to feel it well. There’s nothing sad or anything like that, I decided to go anyway, I hope unnie will spend happily there.”

Kim Dan-bi, who chose to transfer to Woori Bank, has been active since the beginning of the season and is leading Woori Bank alone. Shinhan Bank is realizing its power by losing all of its head-to-head matches against Woori Bank until the third round.

“When I played against Woori Bank, I felt both funny and sad from the moment I warmed up. Because I know (Kim) Danbi unnie so well, I felt that he was deliberately not looking at this side. I was dumbfounded after being hit with a blocked shot. (Laughs) When my opponent played against Danbi, I felt like this, and I felt, ‘There must be a reason why young players can’t shoot layups well’.”

In the place where Kim Dan-bi and Han Um-ji left, Sonia Kim and Jin-young Kim newly joined. Here, Shinhan Bank recruited Goad from the free agent market and supplemented the forward position. Shinhan Bank made the best choice in a situation that could have been sudden. However, since there are many new players, the process of matching the existing players with the new ones remains a task for Shinhan Bank. 

“I think there are parts of breathing that don’t match even now. As shown in the game, there are days when it doesn’t match and there are days when it fits well. I don’t think it could have been better.” 

Even in the process of matching breathing, it is Shinhan Bank that consistently maintains an odds ratio around 50%. Shinhan Bank is currently in 4th place with a record of 8 wins and 9 losses after 17 matches. 

“I feel fortunate, but on the other hand, I also think that if I do a little more, I can do better. My teammates are really good players, and the manager and coaches are really hardworking. . 

Also, although I can’t explain in detail, personally, it’s Yoo Seung-hee, who has a bit of a bad off-season, and his mentality is shaken. 

“It happened during the off-season. It was difficult personally and the team wasn’t doing well, so it was difficult and it was difficult. I thought it was my share.”

It was after the match against KB Stars on December 2 that we could see how much Yoo Seung-hee had suffered. On this day, Shinhan Bank defeated KB Stars with a big gap of 78-51. Yoo Seung-hee, who showed off 13 points and 4 rebounds, including three 3-pointers, was selected as a Distinguished Player and had an interview with a broadcaster after the game. And Yoo Seung-hee shed tears during the interview on this day and made us guess about the hardships of the heart.

“I always said it’s okay to take responsibility for my choices, but honestly, it was difficult. I felt sorry for the people watching me. That day (Kim) Eun-hye unnie talked about her fans, and she felt very sorry. Even when I fell from the national team, the fans I felt sorry for people who were more sorry and noticed me, but I felt so sorry for making them go through a bigger problem this off-season.”


Yoo Seung-hee, who started the season after a difficult off-season, showed somewhat disappointing performance at the beginning of the season. He showed a clear break from the egg last season, so expectations for this season were high, but at the beginning of the season, those expectations were not met. 

“Actually, I didn’t exercise properly. Also, it was true that my hands and feet didn’t match. I thought that I would do it safely because it seemed like a greed that didn’t make sense for me to do anything there, but there were parts where my hands and feet didn’t fit, so I made a lot of mistakes.”

However, Yoo Seung-hee, who started to come back to life, succeeded in rebounding by printing stats similar to last season. Nevertheless, he is Yoo Seung-hee, who reveals that he is not satisfied with himself yet.  

“I still think that the feeling that I am not alive is not all about stats. I feel like I don’t have one. All I have to do is think of chasing the defense like a dog.”

It is Yoo Seung-hee, who recently won an award by achieving 100 steals and 200 appearances, respectively. What do these records achieved during the season mean to Yoo Seung-hee? 

“Coach Lim Young-hee played 600 games and (Han) Chae-jin unnie played 700 steals, but I think it can be a very small number in a way because I played 200 games and 100 steals in my 10th year. Because I took a break from the season, I thought that if I hadn’t overcome that time, I wouldn’t have been able to come this far. It was a hard work, and it was an award that made me feel grateful.”


One of Yoo Seunghee’s representative nicknames is ‘Yucuki’. Yoo Seung-hee also loves her nickname Cookie to the extent that she uses it as her own Instagram ID. But here’s a question. What the heck… why cookie…?

“A lot of people ask me about that. (Laughs) There is a game called Cookie Run. Originally, I didn’t have a particular nickname, but since the fans call me Yukuki, I think it’s settled down as if it’s really another name.”

In addition to the nickname Cookie, the rabbit head is also a representative character of Yoo Seung-hee. Yoo Seung-hee’s bunny hair, which was first introduced last season, immediately drew an explosive (?) response and became Yoo Seung-hee’s unique hairstyle. 

“I cut my hair at first, but it was cut too short. I didn’t like to wear a lot of hairpins on a regular basis, so I tried wearing that hair for just one game, but that day’s match worked out so well. And the fans liked it too. I didn’t wear that hair for a while. I did it, but the fans asked me to do it, so I did it again. And I didn’t do it again this season, but the game wasn’t going well, so I did it again with the thought of doing something from the good times. The only thing I could go back to then was my head.” (Laughs)

Yoo Seung-hee Most of the responses that table rabbit hair are cute. However, he hates the story that he is cute.  슬롯사이트

“I don’t feel that way. I think they fit well, but they’re a little far from being cute. To be honest, it’s not like that when you look at it objectively! I hated it even more because it was cute, but it still doesn’t work out this season, so I thought that people should try something cunning. I ended up doing it again with my own hands.” (Laughs)

Cute Yukuki-san with bunny hair who hates being called cute. She hates being called cute, but Yoo Seung-hee is famous for her fan service, to the point where she doesn’t refuse fans’ requests to redo her rabbit hair, which doubles her cuteness. That’s why fans are so precious to Yoo Seung-hee.

“My older sisters say that I have the most fans in Incheon, but I’m not really like that. There are a lot of people who support me, but I’m embarrassed compared to so many unnies. But there are so many fans who are memorable. Last season, there were people who gave me a bone goal, Also, when I read the letters they send me, they wrote all the things I would not have known unless I was the only one watching them at the stadium. I am really grateful and it is a good thing.”

“People who stayed by my side when I was having a hard time are usually memorable. I think the fans really gave me the strength to endure. In order not to disappoint these fans, I think I have to do my best.”

Yoo Seung-hee is overcoming a difficult season with the support of fans like this. She asked Yoo Seung-hee about her goals for the final season and the message she wanted to convey to her fans. 

“First of all, I think the biggest thing is not to get sick. After this year, I’m 30, and the unnies said that every day is different after 30. Now that I’m at that age, I think I need to take better care of my body. Actually, this is for this season. I think it’s a goal I’ll have to pursue not only in the second half of the year, but throughout the rest of my career.”

“I really want to say thank you and I’m sorry to the fans. Compared to the supportive hearts, gifts, and letters I feel, I’m not enough. I think the only thing I can repay to them is to be good at basketball. I am very sorry that I am not doing well, but I will work harder to become a player that fans can be proud of!”

Behind Story
Shinhan Bank’s head coach, Guna Dan Yoo Seung-hee,
“a strong player who is still growing”

Shinhan Bank’s coach, Guna Dan, has led the team by appointing players in the right places and using various tactics since his days as acting manager. Shinhan Bank made it to the playoffs last season despite difficulties, and even this season, despite the departure of Kim Dan-bi and Han Um-ji, it came in 4th place with a win rate of 50% thanks to the leadership of coach Guna Dan. 

Among the many players at Shinhan Bank, Yoo Seung-hee is the one who does not express his feelings but is deeply grateful. This is because he starts as a guard for team reasons and sometimes plays the 4th or 5th role silently without a word of complaint. He stably carries the ball to the opponent’s court as a guard when attacking, and boosts momentum with a bold 3-point shot in a no-mark chance. 

Here, in defense, it blocks the opponent’s main scorer, and it also plays a key role in leading the overall defense from the back. He is not flashy from the manager’s point of view, but there is no reason to dislike a player like this who does all the dirty work. 

Director Kunadan said, “Seung-hee tries to digest not only what the coach wants but also what he doesn’t do well. In a way, he’s a strong player and he seems to be growing because he can see that kind of toughness on the court that tries to overcome what he doesn’t do. To Seung-hee, They give more sticks than carrots. It’s hard, but I’m growing by overcoming it. I’m definitely aware of my place in the team and keep running. I’m really satisfied.”

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