The slam dunk of ‘college student Kang Baek-ho’

The movie ‘The First Slam Dunk’ surpassed 4.5 million cumulative viewers. However, there is a real person, Kang Baek-ho, the main character of the original cartoon, who ‘looks like he came out of a comic book’. This is Choi Seung-bin (23), a basketball player at Konkuk University. He resembles Kang Baek-ho from his red hair style, his position (power forward), and his never-give-up play style.

‘Kang Baek-ho live-action version’ interest in Choi Seung-bin is hot on and off the court. Choi Seung-bin, whom we met on the basketball court at Hanyang University in Seoul, where the national basketball team training was held recently, said, “It’s great. I will work harder,” he said.

Konkuk University coach Moon Hyeok-joo said, “There was a request from Netflix’s ‘Physical 100’, but I declined considering the risk of injury. I received a proposal from a large company to hold a ‘real Baekho Kang concept autograph session’ at a movie theater, but I declined due to overlapping training schedules.” Chairman Yoo Ja-eun suggested that we use the Konkuk University basketball team as a model for Konkuk Dairy Products, and we plan to put our face into the product.”

Choi Seung-bin said, “I fell in love with Kang Baek-ho’s unbreakable heart after watching the movie in January of this year, and cut his hair short.” He also said, “I bought two boxes of red dye for 7,000 won in Japan last month and dyed it myself. Recently, I went to a hair salon and paid 50,000 won to dye my hair again. After 2 weeks, it got messy and I dyed it 5 times. Even if hair loss comes from frequent dyeing, you can live with bald hair. I’m thinking about changing it to a new hot pink color,” he laughed.

In Slam Dunk, Kang Baek-ho started playing basketball when Chae-yeon, whom he had a crush on, liked Seo Tae-woong. The reason Choi Seung-bin caught the basketball was the same as Kang Baek-ho. Choi Seung-bin said, “When I was in the 4th grade of elementary school, a girl I liked fell in love with a friend from the basketball club and wrote ‘milk color ×××’ on the blackboard. She became jealous and ran to her parents and begged them to play basketball.”

Choi Seung-bin, who has an exotic appearance like Kang Baek-ho, has a Russian mother (Christina). His mother’s height is 1m80cm. Seungbin Choi “I was born in Suwon. His Russian name is ‘Ilya’, a figure like the Russian Admiral Yi Sun-sin. He lived for a short time in Chelyabinsk, Russia, and returned to Korea when he was in third grade.” He returned home after living in Russia for about three years. So he speaks Korean better than Russian.

Kang Baek-ho saved the ball with a blow and returned to the court despite injuring his back. Choi Seung-bin said, “In Dongguk Daejeon, I was hit near my eyebrow by an opponent’s elbow and was bleeding, but I taped it and played. He once ran with his ankle slightly turned. He said, “There are fans who say he resembles Neungnam and Yoon Dae-hyeop, but I prefer Kang Baek-ho.”

As a video of red-haired Choi Seung-bin stroking the court like Kang Baek-ho spread, his social media followers increased more than tenfold from 600 to 8,400. More than 2,500 fans have visited a basketball game held at the Konkuk University Chungju campus to see him in person. When even the fans watching the game came out from the stairs, the school opened additional seats behind the benches. Choi Seung-bin said, “A female fan gave me a picture as a gift, saying, ‘I came by train from Jeonju.'”

His girlfriend is Kim Da-eun (23), a national women’s volleyball player and an outside hitter for Heungkuk Life Insurance. Seungbin Choi said, “We met in 2019 when I was in my senior year of high school. He jokingly says, ‘Dye it black again,’ as if he was jealous of the amount of attention from his female fans. They catch the ball with each other and give advice when performance is low.”

Choi Seung-bin averaged 19.9 points and 6.4 rebounds in the college basketball league last season, leading Konkuk University to second place. He played a high-low game, shooting from the post and passing to teammates, but his scoring average fell to the 12-point range this season. As soon as he catches the ball, the audience exclaims, “Kyaa!”, and this is because the angle of the shot has changed due to the strength in the body. Choi Seung-bin said, “The three-point shooting success rate has dropped from 31% last season to 12% in the first six games this season. Samil High School senior Lee Hyeon-joong (US G League Santa Cruz Warriors), who entered the US, said, “Enjoy the burden and be confident, but be humble. He advised, ‘Create a shooting routine to increase your chances of success’.”

Choi Seung-bin,메이저사이트 a senior at Konkuk University, is ahead of the professional basketball rookie draft scheduled for September and October of this year. Among professional team officials, “If I had similar skills, I would pick Choi Seung-bin, who has star qualities. If he returns to the same form as last season, he may be nominated in the second half of the first round.” Choi Seung-bin said, “I thought about going out as an early entry in my third year, but I delayed it to make up for the lacking part. He likes senior Yang Hee-jong (KGC), who is tenacious in defense. He said, “I want to jump on the professional stage without sacrificing myself like Dennis Rodman, an American professional basketball player who became the motif of Kang Baek-ho.”

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