The reason KBO League No. 2, 162-win pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong said he was “reassuring”

“I feel relieved. I think other players will feel less pressure.”

Yang Hyeon-jong achieved a long-awaited 162 wins against LG in Gwangju on the 27th. He is thanks to a counterattack with 3 runs in 6⅔ innings leading KIA to a 6-3 victory. With this victory, Yang Hyeon-jong pushed commentator Jeong Min-cheol (former Hanwha) to 3rd place and became the sole 2nd place with the most total wins. 1st coach Song Jin-woo (Scorebon Hyena) has a record of 210 wins.

Yang Hyeon-jong,메이저놀이터 whom I met after the game, first said that he was relieved.

“I feel relieved. I was burdened, but the other players were also burdened. It seemed to me that everyone would be able to compete comfortably only if this record was achieved. I feel relieved.”

Yang Hyeon-jong also said, “Because I’m playing the season, it feels better to have 3 wins this year than a total of 162 wins. My career record was possible because I have been steadily doing it without getting sick. I’m sorry that the fact that I can see my career record can be a burden to the players. “I felt burdened too. The career record will follow if I work hard without getting sick. The rest seems to be up to me to do.”

– There was a crisis in episode 9. How did you see it

“When I watched the game after coming down, I think I eagerly watched when (Choi) Ji-min threw or (Jeong) Hae-young threw. It was because I wanted to break the career record quickly.”

– In addition to the number of wins, he is ranked second in innings and strikeouts.

“Now I think that a big record can only be achieved if you keep working hard. In the case of 162 wins, I was conscious and wanted to break it quickly because it was right in front of me, but I can only get closer to the record I have to work harder in the future. So ( It’s better for me because it’s not a burden. It seems that all I have to do is work hard on the mountain.”

– I think the record of 210 wins can be a new motivation.

“I honestly think it’s difficult when I look at it numerically and realistically. Still, since that big goal is far away, I think I’ll have to work hard to get closer to that record. I think it’s difficult, but I don’t know what will happen later if I keep running towards the goal. I intend to hold it and keep throwing.”

– What do you think is the secret to a long run?

“First of all, my body isn’t that rigid. I’m born with flexibility. I work hard on stretching, and I’m always grateful for the training part.”

– Do you have any routines outside of baseball?

“I don’t seem to make a big life routine. I try not to make a jinx. I’ve been doing things like running for more than 10 years and adjusting them according to my condition, but outside of baseball, I just try to be as comfortable as possible.”

– How do you control your eating habits?

“I don’t like alcohol, but I like carbonated drinks. I don’t seem to care much about my eating habits. I eat what I want to eat, and when I weigh myself, if I want to gain a little bit, I just cut down on what I eat.”

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