“The Queen of Long Hits? I Want to Be Called a Golf Ottoman”

There is a professional golfer who wants to be called a ‘drama’, not fancy modifiers such as golf empress, long hit queen, and golf genius. This is Bang Shin-sil (19), who became the winner of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour from the conditional seed holder on the 28th. Bang Shin-sil is receiving a lot of attention from golf fans as a superstar with a 300-yard long hit and sophisticated putting skills was born.

In an interview with Maeil Business Newspaper on the 29th, Bang Shin-sil said, “It’s been a day since I won the E1 Charity Open, but I still can’t believe it. It’s the first time I’ve received so many calls.” It’s good. I hope I can keep winning and set my phone on fire,” he said with a smile.

Looking at Bang Shin-sil’s career as a former national representative, it seems that there has never been a single hard time. However, he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2020 and failed to secure a full seed last year by placing 40th in the KLPGA Tour regular seeding match. Bang Shin-sil, who became a conditional seed holder who could not participate in all competitions due to the seeding order, made up his mind. By increasing the distance of his driver shots to 300 yards, he made up for his putts and approach around the green, which had been regarded as his weaknesses, and borne the fruit of winning the E1 Charity Open, his fifth tournament of the year.

Bang Sin-sil said, “Last winter was the coldest winter since I started playing golf. I think it was because I was mentally frustrated and tired.” I realized once again.”

One thing that has been cited as the driving force behind the recent propaganda is the mantra chanted in the heart before shots and putts. Bang Sin-sil raised her voice, saying, “I came up with a pre-shot routine that shouts ‘I can do it’ and ‘Don’t be afraid, Shin-shil with confidence’, and it’s definitely helpful. It’s so effective that it makes me think it’s a magic spell.”

Bang Shin-sil, who imprinted a unique presence on golf fans by breaking through the total prize money of 200 million won in the shortest period of the KLPGA Tour, has a clear reason for being greedy for the modifier ‘drama’. Bang Sin-sil said, “I wish I had ‘Ottuk-i’ after my name rather than ‘Golf Empress’ or ‘Long Hit Queen’. I want to,” he said. “I want to become a professional golfer who has a positive influence on the world. I would be very happy if I became someone’s hope,” he said. , I will become a player who has both skills and character like senior Choi Kyung-ju.”

After winning the E1 Charity Open, Bang Shin-sil, who achieved her top priority this year, securing the right to participate in the regular tour, expressed her desire to taste the thrill of winning once again. He said, “As an amateur, he was not a player who won many championships, so he has a great desire to win. If he has a chance, he wants to reach the top at least once for the rest of the season.” The sponsored tournament, the KB Financial Star Championship and the national title Korea Women’s Open Golf Championship, are the most greedy. I will prepare properly so that I can finish the two tournaments in a good mood.”먹튀검증

Bang Shin-sil, who has a long-term goal of becoming world number one in women’s golf and winning an Olympic gold medal, expressed her ambition to make the LPGA tour her main stage within five years. He said, “I hope that the day when I can play an active part on the LPGA Tour, where the world’s best players gather, will come as soon as possible. The LPGA Tour is a long-held dream in my heart after I started playing golf.” I am going to challenge myself. Just as I became a KLPGA Tour winner through hard work, I will also achieve my two goals of world ranking and Olympic gold medal.”

Bang Sin-sil, who said, “I feel like a celebrity because I’ve received a lot of attention from golf fans.” I heard it, but I hope it has a special name. If I can decide, it will be a happy thought.”

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