The former Gyeongnam High School ace, comeback after 12 years… “I am happy to be able to play baseball again in Busan” 

“I am happy to be able to play baseball again in Busan.”

On the 19th, Han Hyun-hee attended the Lotte Giants free agent induction ceremony at the Lotte Hotel Busan Sapphire Hall, and digested his first official schedule as a member of the giants corps.

Han Hyun-hee stamped with Lotte for 3+1 years, a total of 4 billion won, and threw the ball again in Busan 12 years after 2011. He was the one who almost lost his free agency, but eventually returned to his hometown and was able to aim for his comeback.

Han Hyun-hee said, “I was born in Busan, and it was baseball that I played since childhood. He started his professional life in Seoul, but he is happy to be able to play baseball again in Busan,” he said. “I will play baseball responsibly in the future. We look forward to the support of Lotte fans. I want to show it through actions and skills rather than words. I will do really well this year,” he said.

In a situation where a major free agency has already signed a contract, Han Hyun-hee has not been able to find a team for quite a long time. When 2022 passed and 2023 came, his future was also uncertain. Han Hyun-hee made a dramatic contract with Lotte on the 17th and finally found her home.

Han Hyun-hee said, “I heard recently that the contract was signed as the conversation between the manager (Sung Min-gyu) and the agent representative went well. He was very happy when he first heard the news. I returned to my hometown, Busan. I was very happy as if I came to my house,” he said.

This is Han Hyun-hee, who also reunited with Lotte Futures coach Lee Jong-woon, who was his teacher at Gyeongnam High School. He said, “Immediately after the contract, the manager called me. I mean congratulations (laughs). He was also advised to work hard and show off his skills in the future. I said I would do really well.”

Han Hyun-hee has many uses as a pitcher who can handle both starting and bullpen positions. Lotte also couldn’t ignore him who could strengthen the bullpen while filling the poor starting lineup. Of course, the anticipation that comes with it is something Han Hyun-hee has to overcome. He said, “As much as you treat me, there will be expectations for me. Lotte has a lot of young pitchers, but I am also a player who needs to learn. I will do my best to help the pitching staff by having many conversations.”

Han Hyun-hee is experiencing a slight decline after winning the hold king for two consecutive years in the 2013 and 2014 seasons. He seemed to rise again in the 2019 season with 27 holds, but it was rumored that he overlapped with body care and personal problems. If he rebounds from his hometown after a long absence, his meaning will be deep. He said that he actually showed a willingness to lose 9kg. 메이저놀이터

Han Hyun-hee said, “I feel that there is no awkwardness at all because I am tall when I look at the Lotte uniform as a child, and I feel that it suits me really well.” He’s building the muscles he needs to throw the ball. He is preparing to play well until spring camp without a hitch.”

Lastly, Han Hyun-hee said, “When I was in Gyeongnam High School, I had the opportunity to come to Sajik Stadium for breeding once a year. He never came alone even after he did. He was so scared of a team called Lotte when he found resignation after becoming a professional player. Since I was in the away dugout on the third base side, where I could see the home fans in front, I had no choice but to see them cheering. He also got the feeling that when he got on the mound, he was pushed back when the fans cheered. Aren’t those parts now on my side? I am really looking forward to it,” he laughed.

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