Superstar Bryce Harper’s first exit since return

Major League Baseball (MLB) superstar Bryce Harper (31) was ejected after colliding with an opposing pitcher during an away game in Colorado.토스카지노

On the 14th (local time), Harper collided with opposing pitcher Jake Byrd in the bottom of the 7th inning of the Colorado away game held at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, USA.

The incident began when Byrd finished the inning by disposing of Philadelphia second baseman Bryson Stadt on a fly ball to left field. Bird pounded his glove hard as he went down the mound and yelled at the Philadelphia dugout. When Philadelphia players, including Kyle Schwaber, responded by shouting at Bird, Bird continued to clap, laugh, and stick out his tongue. In response, Harper spurred dugout and ran to Bird, and both teams poured out onto the ground. After the clash between the teams was settled, the referee sent off both Harper and Byrd.

CBS Sports of the United States said it was unclear why Bird acted as he did, as he had never pitched against Philadelphia before. It was speculated that Philadelphia reacted violently to Bird’s actions because they felt frustrated with the game, failing to score even after sending out 7 runners in scoring position. In the previous inning, Philadelphia manager Rob Thompson was ejected after arguing with the umpire over Kyle Schwaber’s strikeout decision.

Harper, who returned from injury on the 2nd, had a batting average of 0.361 and an OPS of 1.050 with 2 home runs in 9 games until the previous day. However, in this day’s game, he was hitless in 3 at-bats with only two strikeouts. The game was won by Colorado 4-0.

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