Samsung runs 5 consecutive victories in demonstration games, coach Park Jin-man “I lost too much during the camp…” 

“I lost too much during the camp…”

The Samsung Lions will play an exhibition match against the Kiwoom Heroes at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 24th. Prior to this game, Samsung was on a five-game winning streak. Even during the spring camp, they lost in the practice game and raised concerns, but Samsung is showing a different look.

The commanding tower was also satisfied with the performance of the players. Head coach Park Jin-man smiled brightly, saying, “I lost too much during the camp. After training a lot, my body was heavy. The players have cycles. I set up a training schedule to improve my condition through the demonstration game, but now my condition seems to have improved.” .

Last winter, Samsung players digested a lot of training. Under the direction of coach Park, I received ‘hell training’. From the finish camp to the spring camp, everyone underwent rigorous training. The uniforms of the players were never dry.

It shows the effect of training little by little. Samsung is giving many players a chance during the demonstration game, and not only the existing main players but also the substitute players continue to play evenly. Coach Park was pleased, saying, “It seems that the player base has grown thicker.”

On the other hand, he did not forget to praise Won Tae-in, who started the day before. Won Tae-in scored 5 strikeouts in 4 innings against Kiwoom. He pitched a perfect pitch in his first appearance after returning from the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

Coach Park nodded, saying,온라인바카라 “I threw a highly-perfect changeup. After attending international competitions, it can be physically difficult, but my mentality has become stronger. Watching the game, I feel more relaxed than last year. It seems that I have matured mentally.” .

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