Samsung Lions Let’s run until the fall! Expectations for a winning streak in the exhibition game

The Samsung Lions, who spent the winter with a harsh training schedule, are raising expectations for the season by winning streak in demonstration games.

However, it is too early to turn the ‘happy circuit’ for the regular league with only the results of the demonstration game. This is because there is little relationship between the performance of the demonstration game and the regular league performance.

However, it may have an impact on boosting the regular league performance by looking at the potential of new players and backup agents, and finding out in advance what to make up for before the start of the season.

The exhibition game is literally a kind of ‘testing ground’ before the season. The starting lineup also throws 3-4 short innings, comes down the mound, and does not perform unreasonable operations such as stealing or bunting to win. Even if you give a straight walk to check your new pitch, you throw a lot of balls or the batter also tries to watch the opponent pitcher’s ball more than making a single hit right away.

The fact that the results of the demonstration games and the regular season games are not related can be seen just by looking at the data accumulated so far.

Since 1983, when the demonstration game first started in the KBO League, except for 2020, when the demonstration game was not held due to the aftermath of Corona 19, there have been five cases in which it took first place in 39 demonstration games and ended up in last place in the regular season.

Starting with Sammi Superstars in 1985, LG Twins (2006), KT Wiz (2017), and Hanwha Eagles (2021) took first place in the demonstration game and finished last in the regular league. On the other hand, during the 39 exhibition games, the winning team recorded the Korean Series victory only 7 times, and the rate of advancement to the fall baseball of the winning team in the exhibition game is less than 50%.

Samsung, which won the KBO league for four consecutive years from 2011 to 2014, also hovered in the lower ranks in demonstration games. In 2013, Samsung achieved a combined victory at the bottom of the demonstration game, and in the demonstration game in 2014, the last year of the combined championship, Samsung only finished 6th. Samsung always boosts its condition in the spring, but explodes in the summer when the regular league is in full swing, earning it the nickname ‘Summer Castle’.

It is the Lotte Giants, so-called ‘Bomde’, that clearly shows that the results of the demonstration game and the regular league are unrelated.

Until last year, Lotte won a total of 11 exhibition games, but only won the league twice. In 1992, the last Korean Series victory, he took first place in the exhibition game and rose to the top of the league.

This year, Samsung won the demonstration game with Kiwoom on the 23rd and rose to the joint lead with LG with 7 wins and 2 losses. Lotte is at the bottom with 1 win, 6 losses and 1 draw.

Attention is focusing on whether this year’s demonstration game will prove once again that it has nothing to do with the regular league,안전놀이터 and whether the storm will continue into the fall.

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