Samsung Lions leadoff physical condition 100% Kim Ji-chan, Park Jin-man responded to the trust of coaches

Samsung Lions ‘Little Giant’ infielder Kim Ji-chan predicted a big success as the team’s assault captain this season.

Kim Ji-chan continued to train steadily in the spring camp after digesting intense physical training at the finish camp last year, but returned home early after suffering a hamstring injury. Kim Ji-chan, who spent time in the rehabilitation group, appeared in the final demonstration game right before the season began and was named in the opening entry.

This year, Kim Ji-chan took on the heavy task of keeping the center of the infield as veteran Kim Sang-soo, who had been a keystone duo, left for kt Wiz under an FA contract. He is mainly in charge of the second baseman and has a keystone combination with top rookie Lee Jae-hyun and others, but now, as a senior, he must lead the play.

He may be burdened by the heavy responsibility, but he showed a hustle play that did not spare his body in the opening two consecutive games against the NC Dinos, turning a look of concern into a look of expectation.

Moreover, it relieved Samsung coach Park Jin-man’s worries about the lead-off before the opening game of this season.

Samsung tried to prioritize center fielder Kim Hyeon-jun as the leadoff after Kim Ji-chan was injured in the spring camp. However, the plan went awry when Kim Hyun-joon underwent surgery for a wrist bone fracture. During the demonstration game, Lee Seong-gyu was put up as the leadoff center fielder in place of Kim Hyun-joon, and he performed well.

In the meantime, good news was announced that Kim Ji-chan returned to 100% physical condition. Director Park put Kim Ji-chan as the leadoff in the opening game and said, “I struggled with Kim Ji-chan and Lee Seong-gyu for the first time in the batting order. First of all, since it was the opening game, I chose Kim Ji-chan as the first player because I valued experience.” Then, in the second game of the opening, coach Park’s choice of first place remained unchanged, and Kim Ji-chan perfectly responded to the coach’s trust with a hustle play at an important moment.

In particular, in the game against NC on the 2nd, Kim Ji-chan hit a grounder on second base in the situation of runners 1st and 3rd in the 6th inning with a tie of 6 to 6. Although he was a double stroke course, he quickly settled on first base while the opponent’s defense missed the throw for a moment by using his specialty, quick feet, and helped to score an extra point.

The chance situation that followed. Koo Ja-wook’s right-handed hit landed slowly, and Kim Ji-chan accelerated from 1st base, went around 3rd base, and jumped home. He arrived later than the ball, but avoided the opponent’s catcher’s tag and touched home. Kim Ji-chan, who rolled a lap until his neck was bent at 90 degrees, was judged safe in the video review and scored a valuable score to solidify the team’s victory.

Kim Ji-chan is recording 0.444 on-base percentage with 3 hits in 9 at-bats, 1 RBI and 2 runs in 2 games as a leadoff. It’s just the beginning, but above all,토토사이트 his presence in the team is definitely shining.

Samsung will play three consecutive matches against the Hanwha Eagles at home from the 4th to the 6th, and then move to Jamsil to play three consecutive matches against the LG Twins from the 7th. Attention is focusing on whether Kim Ji-chan’s appearance as an assault leader will continue.

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