Samsung Fire & Marine, the silent FA market… The lowest rank with no will to reinforce power

 Did he not do it or did he not?

Last season, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which was at the bottom of the V-League men’s division, spent the free agent (FA) transfer market more quietly than any other team. The transfer market ended without signing anything other than the renewal of the contract with Shin Dong-gwang, a C-level player. In fact, he was a ‘bystander’ in the transfer market.

In this transfer market, the most urgent team to reinforce was Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was in last place last season. It was a predictable result to some extent. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance is the team that spends the lowest player salary in the men’s division. The men’s salary cap (4.15 billion won, excluding options) spent last season at a level that slightly exceeded 50%, the minimum burnout rate.

It was a contradiction to expect good results since they only used about half of Korean Air, the winning team. Rather, it harvested 11 wins, and the power was weak enough that there was an evaluation in the volleyball world that it was unexpected propaganda to produce a rookie player award winner named Kim Jun-woo.

So, the volleyball world paid attention to this transfer market. This was because the game for the next season could change depending on how much Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance will recruit.

Contrary to expectations, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance finished the transfer market without any external recruitment. There was not even a noticeable movement.

According to the volleyball world, Samsung Fire & Marine Manager Kim Sang-woo asked the club to recruit about one ‘big fish’ player. In the case of Heo Soo-bong, it was likely that he would remain at Hyundai Capital, and Na Gyeong-bok is known to have expressed interest in recruiting Lim Dong-hyuk because he is about to enlist in the military. Korean Air left Lim Dong-hyuk, a giant, for 500 million won.

Considering the recent transfer market, it is difficult to see it as such an expensive amount. If Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance recruits Lim Dong-hyuk, they will secure one positive spiker, so they may have built a strong triangle by combining Kim Jeong-ho and a foreign player outside heater. However, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance did not even try.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s actions have an adverse effect on the entire V-League men’s division. In a 7-team system, the existence of one team can change the entire league. Even if Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance strengthens its power a little, it can definitely be a more fun and unpredictable season, but the wishes of many volleyball officials did not become a reality.

In the case of the women’s division,메이저놀이터 a more interesting game was built through this transfer market. The lowest-ranking Pepper Savings Bank secured players like Altoran to strengthen its strength, and teams that did not go to spring volleyball also reinforced their squads in elements. It already makes me look forward to the next season. The transfer market is so important.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance is no longer a ‘prestige’. It is difficult to find traces of past glory. It is difficult to expect good results next season as well.

This kind of irresponsible move and the way the manager ultimately takes responsibility is only pointed at by the volleyball world.

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