“Sacramento beats GSW-LAL and goes to conference finals” Barkley’s prophecy

Barkley praised Sacramento highly.

‘TNT’ commentator Charles Barkley predicted the results of the first round series of the playoffs between the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors on the 30th (Korean time).

Starting with the first game between Denver and Phoenix on the 30th, the schedule for the second round of the NBA playoffs began. However, there are teams that haven’t even finished the first round yet. Third seed Sacramento and sixth seed Golden State in the Western Conference.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

The two teams are competing the most fiercely among the eight series held in the first round. Both teams, who have won 3 wins each, will determine the winner of the series through the 7th game on May 1st.

There were many opinions that Game 6 would not go until Game 7 as it was held at Golden State’s home. This is because Golden State showed off its strong side at home to the extent of recording an overwhelming record of 33 wins and 8 losses at home in the regular season.

However, the will of Sacramento players who did not want to end the season was strong. Sacramento took the lead from the first half in Game 6 and took the series to Game 7 with a 19-point victory.

The winner of Game 7 of the two teams will face the seventh-seeded Lakers, who managed to upset second-seeded Memphis. At the same time, it is the prophecy of Barkley, who is active as a commentator, that is gathering topics.

Barkley predicted that Sacramento would take Game 7 and then beat the Lakers in the second round to advance to the Conference Finals. “The Sacramento Kings are going to the Western Conference Finals. They’re going to beat the Los Angeles Lakers,” he predicted. 

So far, Sacramento hasn’t been as good of a playoff prospect as its performance in the regular season. It was said that the entire squad lacks experience and that the defense needs to be stronger to overcome the playoffs. Barkley, however, had a different prediction. 

At Barkley’s words, the joys and sorrows of the fans of both teams are mixed. Sacramento fans may not like Barkley’s words very much. It’s not that he’s completely wrong, but his prediction skills are evaluated to be far inferior to the basketball skills he showed on the court during his active career.

Barkley, who even admitted that he was wrong when the opposite result came out after he left the words “a team based on jump shots cannot win” against Golden State. Just jokingly, if the soccer world has the curse of Pele, the basketball world has the curse of Barkley. 

As Barkley predicted, if Sacramento wins by the second round, it will advance to the conference finals for the first time in 21 years since 2002. In the 2002 Western Conference Finals, Sacramento lost to the Lakers 3-4 after a close game that went to Game 7. 

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