Rebar was missing from half of the column… Is it a problem unique to GS E&C apartments? 

When an absurd incident occurred in which the parking lot collapsed during apartment construction, a situation occurred in which 1,666 apartments in the accident complex were demolished and reconstructed. After the results of the investigation of the collapse accident in the parking lot of an apartment building in Geomdan New City스포츠토토, Incheon were announced on the 5th, GS E&C said, “We will completely rebuild the entire complex by reflecting the public opinion of prospective tenants. ” According to the results of the accident investigation by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the accident that occurred at the end of April was a man-made disaster caused by general insolvency in the overall apartment construction, including design, supervision, and construction. Reinforcing bars, which should have been in all 32 pillars supporting the underground parking lot, were missing in 15 places due to the design, and in the construction process, reinforcing bars were missing in 4 out of 8 pillars, contrary to the design. There was supervision, but it was mana.

After the collapse of the outer wall in January of last year, a decision was made to completely rebuild the apartments in Hwajeong District, Gwangju, followed by a series of poor construction accidents, raising anxiety among housing buyers. It is all the more shocking that such an accident occurred in an apartment building built by a large construction company ranked 5th in terms of construction capability evaluation. Consumers do not raise their doubts, saying that there will be no problem with other construction companies. This is because construction structures that involve subcontracting to subcontracting, poor supervision that fails to detect insolvency, and skipping rebars at construction sites are not problems of some construction companies, but are common practices in the industry.

Most of the apartments currently under construction across the country started construction after last year, when the price of raw materials such as steel and concrete skyrocketed. If raw materials were used less than the standard to reduce construction costs, this kind of accident could happen again. Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong also said, “There are concerns and questions from the people about how other workplaces are.” The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs decided to announce the results of a total inspection of 83 construction sites of GS Construction next month. It is also a way for housing construction-related associations or academic societies to conduct a sample survey focusing on large areas. Both the industry and the government should be ashamed of frequent poor construction in apartments, which should be the safest space. Groundbreaking countermeasures must be prepared to prevent consumer distrust from spreading.

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