“Please trade me” Request for transfer of a promising player who lost his place in a strong team

Pritchard wants a trade.

‘The Athletic’ reported on Peyton Pritchard of the Boston Celtics on the 2nd (hereinafter Korean time).

Boston’s season is over. Boston, which showed strong potential this season and emerged as one of the contenders for the championship. In the conference finals, they played close matches with Miami to the 7th game, but unfortunately, they failed to advance to the finals for the second year in a row. However, their fighting spirit was considerable as they won three consecutive victories after losing three in a row.

Boston’s guards are excellent, meeting both quantity and quality. Boston has excellent guards such as Marcus Smart, Derrick White, and Malcolm Brogdon. Some players are not getting many opportunities because of the strong backcourt resources. Peyton Pritchard, who finished his third season, is a prime example.

Pritchard was a guard selected by Boston in the first round, 26th pick, in the 2020 draft. Boston, which rated Pritchard highly at the time, nominated him much higher than expected, and many Boston fans had doubts.

However, Pritchard overcame concerns and played an active role as a bench resource like Altoran in his debut season based on his long-term shooting ability and dribbling ability. He also showed a strong-hearted temperament that did not give up at important moments. 

However, Pritchard, who had to gain experience and grow, noticeably decreased his playing time from his second year. He sometimes performed well in opportunities he received due to injuries to key players, but there were not a few cases where he was pushed out by other players and only played at garbage time. Pritchard averaged only 5.7 minutes per game in this playoff.

Because he is a talented player, there were rumors of his trade, but Pritchard is still with Boston. For Boston, it’s hard to find a card like Pritchard’s when it comes to contingency plans. Although he hesitates to trade, it is difficult to play a lot in the game because the proportion of veteran players is large in the team.

Pritchard, who appealed to him that he wanted to get a bigger role on the team. With one year left on his contract, he requested a trade with the team to gain playing time. It is a regrettable result for Pritchard himself that the trade did not take place at the last trade deadline despite considerable interest.

“Peyton Pritchard has made it clear to the team that he wants to be traded this summer,” the Athletic said.

There are variables.메이저사이트 Boston, which has no room for a salary cap, could undergo significant team changes during the off-season due to issues such as Jaylen Brown’s contract extension. If so, we cannot rule out the possibility that Boston will retain him even if Pritchard wants to leave. 

Pritchard, who has had few opportunities, is a proven young guard resource for his explosive power. He regrets his size, but it is expected that not a few clubs will pay attention to him. What team will Pritchard, who wants to transfer, start off next season wearing?

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