‘Please avoid the sky blue costume and the back seat of the goalpost’ Lim Young-woong fan club respecting football culture, mature watching consciousness is a hot topic

The mature sense of watching the game of Lim Young-woong fan club that respects football culture is a hot topic.

Singer Lim Young-woong will participate in the ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023 Round 6’ match between FC Seoul and Daegu FC, which will be held at Sangam World Cup Stadium on the 8th at 4:30 pm. Lim Young-woong, who is usually a soccer fan, is known to be friendly with Seoul players such as Ki Sung-yong and Hwang Ui-jo. Lim Young-woong also posted an authentication shot after intuition about the soccer team’s game against Uruguay. 

The soccer world was also surprised by the star power of the national singer. As soon as ticket reservations started on the 3rd, the tickets were sold out in one day. On this day, close to 40,000 fans are expected to set a new record for the largest number of spectators at a home game in Seoul.

What is more surprising is the mature sense of watching Lim Young-woong fans. Lim Young-woong’s fan cafe ‘Heroic Age’ asked, “You may want to wear a light blue costume that reveals the Heroic Age, but I hope you respect and protect the culture of soccer fandom.”

The sky blue symbolizing Lim Young-woong is coincidentally the same as the color of Daegu FC’s uniform. Consideration was given because if Lim Young-woong fans wore light blue costumes, they could be misunderstood as Daegu FC away fans and hurt the hearts of Seoul fans.

In the past, when a singer was invited to a soccer field, there were many times when she left a regret because she did not understand the unique culture of the soccer field. In 2010, singer T-ara was invited to a home game in Seoul, but caused controversy by appearing wearing green, the color of Jeonbuk, the away team.먹튀검증

In addition, the Lim Young-woong fan club recommended avoiding reservations for seats behind the goalposts where soccer fans usually sit. An official from the Seoul club said, “I was surprised that Lim Young-woong’s fans intentionally left free seats on the north side as a seat for Seoul fans.

” I wonder if he will catch two rabbits until he achieves a new record and victory. /

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