“Overcome with repeated training of the fallen senses… I made my body look like an ‘archery AI’”

Oh Jin-hyeok (42, Hyundai Steel) is the oldest among the Korean national archery players. He has a 23-year age gap with Kim Jae-deok (19, Yecheon-gun Cheong), the youngest member of the men’s national team. Two of the compound coaches are younger than Oh Jin-hyeok. It is a heavy age where the expression ‘eldest hyung’ is not awkward토토사이트.

However, Oh Jin-hyeok’s hips are lighter than those of his newcomer to the national team. On the 23rd of last month, Oh Jin-hyeok, whom we met at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village, roamed among his juniors without a break. When Kim Woo-jin (31, Cheongju City Hall) showed signs of exhaustion, he said, “It’s too hot today, so I’ll have to finish training early.” What time is the bus home?” he joked.

Oh Jin-hyeok placed 4th in the final evaluation match of the archery recurve national team held in April and secured the right to participate in the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which opens in September. This is his fourth consecutive appearance since the 2010 Guangzhou Games. In the second round of the World Cup held in Shanghai, China in May, he also won a silver medal in the individual event.

When I asked Oh Jin-hyeok about the secret of his ‘long run’, he answered, “I don’t know what I’m particularly good at compared to other players.” Instead, he emphasized that he was “learning archery every day.” Oh Jin-hyuk said, “I only recently found out that the youngest (Kim) Je-deok wipes the fine dust accumulated on his bow every day. If there is even a little dust on the bow, it gets in the way when shooting, but watching Jedeok, I learned that I have to prepare the equipment in detail.”

Of course, the body is not ‘at its peak’. Oh Jin-hyeok said, “Archery is a sport that relies 100% on my senses. However, as I get older, I feel that my senses are declining. The muscles used are also reduced. I have to use all the small muscles in every corner of my body, but now I have no choice but to shoot the bow with big muscles, so I feel my performance is deteriorating.”

Oh Jin-hyeok, who sensed changes in his body from 8 years ago, chose ‘mechanization of the body’ as a self-rescue measure. He said, “It is difficult to shoot an arrow with the senses, so I decided to ‘make my body like a machine’. He said, “It seems that I have been able to maintain the same skills as before in actual combat to some extent by accumulating the data value of’how to shoot well in any situation’ in my body through repetitive training.”

Oh Jin-hyeok became the first Korean male archer to win a gold medal in the individual event at the 2012 London Games. Following his momentum, he won the gold medal in the individual event at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, but the team event result was a bronze medal. Even at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Games, he had to be content with a silver medal in the team event as he failed to surpass Taiwan in the final.

Oh Jin-hyeok, who was a member of the team event winning team event at the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, said, “I don’t have a great thirst for results because I have won gold medals in both the individual and team events in three Asian Games so far.” this remains So, at the Hangzhou Games, I really want to win the gold medal in the team event.”

In 2017, Oh Jin-hyeok was diagnosed with ruptured 3 out of 4 rotator cuff muscles in his right shoulder. The hospital recommended retirement, but he still shoots arrows with his remaining muscles, saying, “There is nothing more fun than archery.” Oh Jin-hyeok said, “I really enjoy the moment when I compete with someone else through archery and become immersed. I can’t stop enjoying the fun of testing my own limits, so I keep holding the bow.”

“This Asian Games may be my last international stage. If I want to run the Taegeuk mark next year, I have to endure fierce competition, but I’m not sure if my shoulders will hold up.” do you know If I don’t give up, I’ll be pulling the bow at next year’s Paris Olympics,” he laughed.

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