‘Neymar-Vinicius’ relationship’ Duarte, “Brazilian rather than Korean…everyone gets nervous when they meet us”

Brazilian foreign player Carlos Duarte, who recently transferred to Chungnam Asan FC, revealed his relationship with world-class players Neymar Junior and Vinicius.

Duarte, who moved from Ansan Greeners FC in the K-League 2 (Part 2) to Chungnam Asan ahead of the new season, is a mid-level foreign striker who has been playing on the domestic stage since 2018. He debuted in the K-League through Gwangju FC, which belonged to the second division at the time of the 2018 season, and arrived in Ansan in 2021 after passing through Seoul E-Land FC in the 2019 season. After playing two seasons in Ansan, he landed in Asan, Chungnam, his fourth K-League team. Except for 2020, he played four seasons in the K-League until last year, scoring 24 goals and 18 assists in 105 games.

His career in his home country, Brazil, is even more glamorous. He debuted in 2012 with Brazil America SP (São Paulo State 2nd Division), and in 2016 Santo Andre (São Paulo State 2nd Division) won the state league championship. In the season immediately before his K-League debut, he was also named in the league’s top 3 scoring goals (6 goals in 15 matches) as a member of Anapolina (Goiano State Division 1).

There is also a history of competing with Vinicius as well as Neymar, a top player in the world. Duarte, who met at the Seogwipo training ground, recalled the past memories of being with stars in his home country, saying, “I have an experience of sticking with Neymar when he was with Santos and Vinicius with Flamengo.”

He is also a Brazilian who has been in his 5th year in Korea. So, at the 2022 FIFA (International Football Federation) Brazil World Cup, a question came out on the spot whether they supported the Korean national football team led by former coach Paulo Bento. Then he smiled, saying, “I expected the Korean match to be a difficult match for Brazil. It was because we did very well against the world’s strongest Uruguay and Portugal. But personally, I cheered for Brazil.”

Bentuho showed a nervous appearance from the beginning against Brazil, the first place in the FIFA ranking, and could not avoid a large number of goals. Vinicius, who has a relationship with Duarte, scored the opening goal in the 먹튀검증 7th minute of the first half and conceded the goal to Neymar in the 6th minute. In the 29th and 36th minutes of the first half, Richarlison and Lucas Paqueta conceded goals, respectively. In the 31st minute of the second half, Baek Seung-ho scored a comeback goal for Bentoho, barely avoiding defeat.

Duarte, who watched the Korea-Brazil match, responded that it was not surprising that Korean players were nervous against Brazil, saying, “It’s not just Korea who is nervous. When you meet us, any player from any other country gets nervous. It’s natural.” showed When asked if he supported Lionel Messi, he laughed, saying, “I always support Messi. I was happy that Messi won.”

Duarte’s K-League career high is 11 offensive points. As a member of Seoul E-Land in the 2019 season, he recorded 6 goals and 5 assists in 28 games, 8 goals and 3 assists in 32 games as an member of Ansan in the 2021 and 2022 seasons, and 4 goals and 7 assists in 30 games.

Chungnam Asan coach Park Dong-hyuk, who saw the player’s potential in this transfer market and signed Duarte, expressed anticipation at a press conference with the player, saying, “Wouldn’t Dua (Lete) do 15 (attack points)? Isn’t it Dua?” did. Then Duarte responded and said, “I’ve done more than 10 every year. I wonder if I can do more than that this season,” revealing his desire to challenge career highs in the new season starting with a new team. Attention is focusing on whether Duarte, who is now celebrating his 5th year in Korea, will stretch.

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