‘National Ace’ Kim Min-sol showed off her professional skills and entered the top 10 “I want to win the AG gold medal”

“I want to win a gold medal.”

Kim Min-sol (17, Doosan E&C), who has skills comparable to that of a pro, is gaining experience in maintaining top-level performance even in bad weather. For Korean players, it is a valuable experience considering the Asian Games, which are virtually played on a ‘blind course스포츠토토‘.

Kim Min-sol changed 6 birdies and 1 bogey in the 3rd round of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Ever Collagen The Siena Queen’s Crown (total prize money 800 million won) held at The Sienna Country Club (par 72, 6408 yards) in Jeju on the 15th. reduced stroke. He finished in a tie for 12th with a median total of 6 under par of 210. Kim Min-sol, who reduced the number of strokes on the day following even par on the first day and 2 under par in the second round, is aiming to enter the top 10 for the second consecutive tournament following her 4th place at the 37th DB Group Korea Women’s Open held last month.

He said, “In the beginning, it seemed that the game was not going well, but I caught a birdie in the 4th hole and changed the flow. It seems to have worked out well since then, so I am satisfied,” he said. It is already considered a star candidate for its fairway landing rate of 78.6% and green accuracy rate of 61.1%, which are not bad, as well as the thrill of flying up to 293 yards that day.

Kim Min-sol said, “I’m an amateur, so I play comfortably in professional competitions.” “The wind was so strong in the second round that I felt cute today,” drawing laughter.

The thorough preparation in advance, taking into account the characteristics of the place where the competition is held, was also noticeable. He said, “Because it was a tournament held in Jeju, I trained to hit low in anticipation of the wind. I also practiced hitting the wind as much as possible,” he said. “It was difficult to set the course on the regular tour, so I learned a lot about how to manage the course.”

Course management is a wealth of experience. Compared to professional players, I don’t have much experience, so I have no choice but to be clumsy. Even at the Korea Women’s Open, when she placed fourth and received a lot of attention from golf fans, she honestly confessed that she was scolded by her coach for not being able to properly target the course. He said, “I thought I would be praised, but I felt rather scolded.” It was a good experience to learn what I lacked,” he said.

Establishing various strategies according to the course characteristics is essential, especially for courses that are new to the course. Kim Min-sol, who will participate in the Asian Games that will open in Hangzhou in September, is focusing on indirectly experiencing the management methods of professional players through the KLPGA regular tour, which is highly difficult. This is because China does not disclose the course of the Asian Games to players from other countries.

Kim Min-sol said, “I don’t know the course well, so I am preparing with shot training and exercise. It is also helpful to raise a sense of real combat in competitions,” he said. “My goal was to participate in the Asian Games from a young age. Now that he is participating, he wants to win a gold medal.

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