More spectators than Hanwha Eagles at the same time on weekends and weekdays… Daejeon, ‘Soccer Special City’ splendid revival

It is the atmosphere of returning soccer fans who have left the house. Daejeon Hana Citizen is poised to leap forward as the regional ‘No.1’ pro sports.

8,377 spectators entered the Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 10th, where the K-League 1 Round 12 match between Daejeon and Suwon FC was held. Even though Suwon FC, which has a relatively weak fandom, was the opponent on weekday evenings, many spectators came in to help the home team fight.

At the same time, 5,865 people entered the KBO League game between Hanwha Eagles and Samsung Lions held at Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park. It was about 2,500 fewer than a professional soccer game.먹튀검증

On the 30th of last month, Daejeon attracted more spectators in the same time game against Hanwha. It was a daytime game against Jeju United on Sunday, and 13,777 people entered the Daejeon World Cup Stadium and 10,442 people entered the baseball field. In the weekend game held under the same conditions, professional soccer had an advantage of about 3,000.

It is significant that it attracted more spectators than Hanhwa games in the KBO League, a national professional sport, both on weekends and on weekdays. This is because it means that a large number of fans who turned away from the soccer team, which suffered from poor performance, returned in large numbers. Last year, when the average spectator was only 2,271, and 7 years in the second division are unimaginable.

With 6 home games played, Daejeon is ranked 3rd in the K-League 1 spectator rankings. A total of 81,557 people entered, recording an average of 13,593 per game. Compared to last year, it has increased by about 600%. It follows FC Seoul (27,532) and Ulsan Hyundai (15,433). Seoul is in the overwhelming lead, and Daejeon stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Ulsan with no significant difference.

As of the end of the game on the 10th, there is a big difference from the average number of spectators at Hanwha’s home games this season (7637). almost doubled If Hanwha is ahead with 114,554 spectators in a total of 15 matches, the average number of matches is much higher.

Hanwha players share a high five after winning the 2023 KBO League LG game held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 23rd of last month. Photo courtesy | Hanwha Eagles

offer | Korea Professional Football Federation

It is appropriate to say that it is a return to the soccer special city. Daejeon was originally famous as a city with many soccer fans. In 2003, it ranked first in average attendance with an average of 19,082 people. It was a glorious time when they were strong at home and succeeded in box office success with franchise stars such as Kim Eun-joong and Lee Kwan-woo.

However, Daejeon declined after that. The limit of the citizen team, and the popularity in the historical region where relegation and promotion were repeated also declined. Leaving behind the indifference, Daejeon succeeded in promotion in the second year of coach Lee Min-seong, and is again attracting the attention of fans who had left home while competing proudly in the first division.

If you look at the move after promotion, you can find out the reason for the crowd mobilization. Daejeon has recorded 6 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in 12 games, and is in 3rd place with 21 points. The promoted team is usually in the lower ranks, but Daejeon continues to rise in the early stages and is not coming down from the top.

Particularly good at home games. 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in 6 matches, far more wins. The content is also interesting thanks to the characteristics of strongly pressing the opponent and managing the game aggressively. I don’t play boring games at all. As many spectators enter, the virtuous cycle effect continues, in which players gain strength and win.

A taxi driver I met on the way to cover a Daejeon game in the second division in 2021 said, “What are you trying to do with a team game in the second division? It is the same even if it is changed to a corporate team. what is the ranking Don’t waste your time unnecessarily Newspaper paper is a waste,” he told the reporter, half serious and half joking.

They criticize the team brutally, but knowing the rankings in Daejeon means that there was love and hatred for the team. Perhaps the same taxi driver is currently cheering for Daejeon in the stadium.

An official who has been in Daejeon for a long time said, “I can feel the change from the bottom of the public. In everyday life, even people who are not interested in soccer talk about soccer teams. There are quite a few people asking for tickets. It is definitely an atmosphere where many fans who have left the house are coming back. I remember a lot about 2003,” he said happily about the current situation in Daejeon.

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