Minnesota, right-hander Lopez signs a 4-year, 97 billion won contract extension

The Minnesota Twins, who are running first in the American League Eastern Division of the Major League Baseball (MLB), signed a contract extension with right-handed starting pitcher Pablo Lopez (27).

Local media such as ESPN reported on the 18th (Korean time) that Minnesota signed a 4-year, $73.5 million (approximately 97 billion won) contract extension with Lopez.

A native of Venezuela, Lopez made his big league debut with the Miami Marlins in 2018 and played in Miami until last year.카지노사이트

Lopes wore a Minnesota uniform through a trade in January of this year. At the time, Minnesota sent Luis Arraes, who ranked first in batting average in the American League in the 2022 season, to Miami, and traded Lopez, infielder Jose Salas, and outfielder Byron Churio.

Lopez, who started in four games this year, is 1-1 with an ERA of 1.73. He is leading the league in MLB in particular, as he strikes out 33 batters in 26 innings.

Lopez, who played six seasons in the big leagues, went 29-32 with an ERA of 3.83 in 98 games.

Lopez, who earns an annual salary of $5.45 million this year, could qualify as a free agent (FA) after completing the 2024 season, but he chose to play for Minnesota with an extended contract.

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