Miami, who went all-in on Leela Drama, Portland “can’t give it for a bargain”

Will Lillard wear a Miami uniform the way he wants?

Reporter Ira Winderman, who is familiar with Miami Heat news스포츠토토, reported on the Damian Lillard trade on the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time). 

Damian Lillard’s trade request has turned the league upside down. NBA representative franchise star Lillard. However, despite the desire to strengthen the team’s power, Portland’s situation did not change easily, and eventually came to request a trade.

The key is which team, not Portland, Lillard wears. While Miami, Brooklyn, Clippers, and Philadelphia are being discussed as potential destinations for Lillard, Lillard strongly hopes to go to Miami. 

Miami, which has long wanted to sign a big name, plans to go all-in on the Lillard trade. Reporter Winderman said, “Miami went all-in on signing Damian Lillard. Now is the time they want.”

Under similar conditions, Lillard is very likely to go to Miami, but Portland doesn’t seem to be going through the trade just as Lillard wishes. Unlike Bradley Beal, who moved to Phoenix, Lillard has no no-trade clause. It means that the influence on the club’s decision is less than that of Bill. 

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said: “Obviously, Portland were thinking about the possibility of a trade for Lillard. They were prepared for this situation, but they will find the best trade they can for the team. Lillard is not like Bradley Beal. “I have no no-trade right and I have four years left on my contract,” he said.

“Lillard wants to play in Miami, but that’s not in Portland’s interest. On similar terms, Portland will help get Lillard where he wants to go, but if there’s a difference in pay, it’ll be different. I think Portland is best suited for the post-Damian Lillard era.” We will find a deal that will get you a package you want.”

With Lillard gone, Portland will likely want a card that can bring them a young player they can develop over the long term, a draft pick and salary cap flexibility. The problem is that it is difficult for Miami to perfectly meet these conditions. Compared to other competing teams, it is evaluated that Miami has a lot of poor cards. 

Miami doesn’t have much room in the draft pick situation due to previous trades. Outside of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, the best card they could come up with is Tyler Hiro, but considering the gigantic four-year, $130 million long-term contract and timeline with the other youngsters, Portland doesn’t really appeal. Maybe not. 

If Miami can’t meet Portland’s needs, Rilla Drama may last longer than expected. If not, we cannot rule out the possibility of a team coming up with a proposal that shakes Portland’s heart and embracing Lillard. Attention is drawn to the ending of the Leela drama, which is drawing attention from NBA fans.

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