Match point mistake? Stop doing it again! ‘Volleyball Master’ Park Jung-ah’s composure

Even if you commit a fatal mistake, you must play well next time without being swayed. Any volleyball player knows this, but it is never easy to do. However, Park Jung-ah showed this in action.

Korea Expressway Corporation defeated Pepper Savings Bank with a set score of 3-0 (25-21, 25-20, 26-24) in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Round 4 match held at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on the 12th and placed third solidified its position. Park Jung-ah, who started as a substitute in the first set and started in the second set, made a successful comeback from injury with a 45.83% attack success rate and 12 points.

Korea Expressway Corporation became the first win of the season for Pepper Savings Bank in the last 3 rounds. All teams and players faced a situation they wanted to avoid. Park Jung-ah also did not hide her inner thoughts. Park Jung-ah said, “I hoped we wouldn’t be sacrificed. However, the opponent did very well that day, and we did very poorly. We lost because we didn’t do well, so I talked to the players to prepare again and win.”

On this day, Park Jung-ah started the first set in the warm-up zone. Park Jung-ah, who replaced Jeon Sae-yan in 15-16, led the team to a comeback by using 5 consecutive serves in 18-19. Park Jung-ah’s performance in the first set was the result of preparation in the warm-up zone. Park Jung-ah said, “I tried to read the overall flow of the game because I didn’t know where I would be replaced. He also revealed his preparation process in the warm-up zone, saying, “Since his opponent’s side blocking isn’t high, he thought of attacking with a quick swing.” Regarding the 5th consecutive serve, he gave a humble answer, saying, “I thought I should not do it, and he seems to have put it well as he thought.” 스포츠토토

On this day, Park Jung-ah had a dizzying moment. At the 24-23 match point in the third set, he committed an offense and allowed a deuce to the opponent. It was a situation where her mentality could have been shaken, but when she was asked about the situation at the time, Park Jung-ah aloofly replied, “I thought it would be enough to get another point.” In fact, Park Jung-ah made up for her previous mistakes by making the 25th and 26th points herself in the ensuing deuce.

Park Jung-ah showed frightening composure when answering the following questions. When asked about his thoughts on becoming a free agent after the season, he said, “It’s not my first free agency, so I don’t care too much. I only think that if I do well, good results will follow.” Regarding the stress of fierce mid-level competition, “That is what all mid-level team players experience. Still, we’re better because we’re in 3rd place, the highest among them. I will focus on winning the next game without worrying too much.” I felt like a master who transcended all burdens.

Park Jung-ah showed ups and downs in the first half of this season. Now that the season has turned around and entered the second half, I was curious about Park Jung-ah’s determination. Park Jung-ah said, “I think there were more bad days than good days in the first half. In the second half, I want to show a better image by focusing on improving my physical strength. Also, I really want to go to spring volleyball.” What will the second half of ‘volleyball master’ Park Jung-ah look like?

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